Myllysaari underpass

05.10.2016 07:45:00

The construction of the underpass combines Destia’s varied areas of competence.

The Myllysaari underpass which connects the Tampella and Ranta-Tampella areas in Tampere showcases the skills of Destia’s versatile competence.

The construction of the underpass, which is wider than the current one, combines Destia’s varied
areas of competence. Construction work is carried out by the bridge experts of Destia’s Western Finland business unit. Destia Rail is responsible for railway work.

Destia Engineering, Destia’s new unit focusing on foundation and engineering construction, carries out bored piling. Destia additionally manages and stores materials owned by the Finnish Transport Agency.

Working in the railway area is demanding and highly regulated. Demolition and piling work may not disturb the schedules of express trains from Tampere to Pori and Seinäjoki or other railway traffic. Any work requiring an interruption to traffic and a voltage break is done on the weekend during 10- and 23-hour breaks. Some work may also be done on weekdays outside and under the railway.

The work done on top of the railway is scheduled to be complete in December.

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