Master and apprentice

06.06.2016 09:57:00

A supervisor sharing responsibility receives motivated employees in return.

The first encounter was somewhat tense. Hannu Huhtala and his supervisor Sune Nygård met for the first time when Huhtala had been hired for a summer job. He had been sent from the Jurva construction site to Vaasa to pick-up working clothes.

Huhtala first encountered Nygård, who had the reputation of being a demanding supervisor at construction sites.

“I don’t know whether Sune was having a bad day, but he said that this is not a central warehouse,” says
Huhtala with a laugh.

Having collaborated with Nygård for about ten years, Huhtala has noticed that Nygård is a more relaxed person than what his reputation suggests.

A few years ago after his summer job Huhtala completed his final thesis under Nygård’s supervision and then stayed in the company.

“Sune is good at determining limits and responsibilities: I know what I can and cannot do,” Huhtala says.

Sune Nygård also likes to give responsibility to his subordinates, because he wants to work with people who are enthusiastic about their work. In fact, Huhtala, too, already received a project of his own after a couple of months - the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle way.

Now Hannu Huhtala is responsible for the practical arrangements of maintenance and management contracts of Southern Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment that the supervisor has acquired for Destia. His team and about fifty subcontractors look after public roads in the Vaasa region.

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