Information matters

07.06.2017 05:56:00

Accurate and reliable information is sometimes the most important tool.

Destia Rail Oy’s Oulu unit is responsible for all track maintenance between the Iron Bridge at the ­River Oulu, Kolari and Patokangas. Construction Manager Antti Vierimaa, 32, and Site Manager ­Henna ­Virtanen, 28, have been working together for the past two years. Although they carry out regular site visits, the majority of their time is spent in the office.

“Our ‘site’ covers a huge geographical area and about 500 kilometres of track as it stretches from Oulu to Kolari and eastwards to Patokangas in Kemijärvi,” Antti says.

With such long distances involved, accurate and reliable information is the pair’s most important tool. Making decisions on the basis of information that has been received from multiple sources can be extremely challenging.

“What Henna is very good at is sifting through the huge volumes of data that are generated all the time and zeroing in on the bits that really matter. It’s essential that we analyse what we are seeing and identify the relevant parts before we draw up our work plan,” concludes Antti.

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