Go West!

06.06.2016 10:57:00

Destia participated in the construction of the metro line from Ruoholahti, Helsinki, to Kivenlahti, Espoo.

Destia participated in the construction of the metro line from Ruoholahti, Helsinki, to Kivenlahti, Espoo, in three areas: rock excavation and construction work and pavement structures. The work began in 2013 and will continue until 2018.

Project Manager Esa Juhantila was responsible for construction engineering work in the 3.6 kilometre long twin tunnel and five vertical shafts. The railway line, which is part of the RU-13 contract, extends from Keilaniemi in Espoo to Lauttasaari in Helsinki. The rock excavation work for the metro line extension from Matinkylä in Espoo to Kivenlahti will start when the consortium made up of Destia and the Czech Metrostav soon begin rock excavation at Espoonlahti station and tunnels.

Mikko Mäkelä, Managing Director of Destia Rail, acts as the project manager in superstructure construction on the whole West Metro railway line. He is responsible for ensuring that rail macadam, blocks, rails and cable routes have been properly installed by August.

As many as 13 main contractors and about thirty subcontractors have been working in the West Metro project at the same time. Combining the work in terms of schedule and logistics was a major challenge. Destia introduced almost 2,000 persons to tunnel work during the contract work. The role of occupational safety became even more prominent in underground work. Employees learned the lessons well. Not a single serious occupational accident occurred among the personnel during the project period.

“We also obtained new experiences of building and operating in cramped rock spaces,” Juhantila says.
New operating methods also had to be sought for building rails. One difficulty was connected with the directions of travel of the vehicle stock.

“Among other things, we had to take into consideration that our basic construction machine, the road-rail excavator, cannot turn in a tunnel. As a result, we modified tools and construction machine accessories for use in tunnels,” Mäkelä says.

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