Destia has the know-how and capacity to take on even the most demanding infrastructure projects

27.08.2020 14:43:00

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) is a Finnish government agency responsible for the development and maintenance of Finland's road, rail, and waterway systems. One of the big projects FTIA started in 2020 is the construction of 22 kilometers long four-lane highway between Mikkeli and Nuutilanmäki. Destia has been chosen to do both the designing and construction of the highway.

The project has been on FTIA’s to-do-list for quite a long time.

– There is a genuine need for the highway because it enhances the safety and ease of travel, says FTIA Project Manager Harri Liikanen.

A challenging project required a professional operator

A competitive tendering process took place before deciding who got the contract and Destia turned out to be the winner. The deciding factor was that the project was known to be very challenging and it was evident that Destia had extensive skills in every required level of infrastructure construction.

– For example, the project includes a lot of bridge-building. There’s also a whole lot of mining and rock excavations. The whole project can be characterized by these kinds of challenges, Liikanen says.

– Destia’s core competency is in the entire field of infrastructure construction, right from the designing to the actual construction and maintenance. They have the skills required to handle the whole life cycle of infrastructure construction, he continues.

A partner that is easy to work with

These kinds of vast highway projects are rarely done without surprises as something unexpected is always bound to come up. Liikanen has been very pleased with Destia’s ability to react to different situations.

– When a partnership between companies works like this, it’s much easier to deal with sudden changes. For now, it seems that we will stick to the schedule and the highway will be ready for traffic by next fall, he concludes.

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