Key Financials

Destia reports regularly about its financial state

Destia Group Plc is a Finnish limited liability company which was established on 1 July 2014 during ownership arrangement. Destia Group Plc is the sole owner of Destia Ltd.

Destia reports quarterly about its financial state. The company's financial year is one calendar year.

Financial reporting in 2017

Feb 10 Financial Statements Bulletin 2016
Apr 27 Business Review Jan-Mar 2017
Aug 11 Half year financial report for Jan-Jun 2017
Oct 24 Business Review for Jan-Sep 2017




Interim reports

Destia releases its Interim Reports quarterly. Destia published its Financial statements bulletin for 2016 on 10 February 2017.


Articles of association

Articles of association tell the basics of the Company.


Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Annual Report 2016 including the Financial Statements and the Corporate Governance Statement will be published on Thursday, 2 March 2017 on Destia's web sites.