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Expertise in sustainable urban construction

Today, construction is heavily focused on urban environments. In addition to housing, jobs and services, cities also need new urban infrastructures. The sustainable development of cities requires a comprehensive skill set from designers and builders alike. We offer wide-ranging urban construction services from foundation excavation to street construction and recreational areas.

Construction in the middle of a city has a major impact on the people moving in the area, highlighting the importance of cooperation as well as seamless, open communication. Planned implementation enables safe and functional traffic, living and business despite the construction work. To document the progress of the work, we provide an up-to-date digital overview of the situation. It enables us to monitor quality and react quickly to potential deviations. In major projects, we utilise our project management processes and steering group work procedure to ensure seamless production.

We have been recognised for our competence in traffic arrangements, inclusion and accessibility of urban projects. Helsinki and Uusimaa Visually Impaired Association granted us its visually impaired accessibility award for our Hämeentie renovation project.

Responsible builder of living environments

We predict and take into account the environmental impact of construction. In cities, it is important to consider factors such as the noise arising from the work, so we have the necessary solutions for noise reduction. Our circular economy solutions help reduce, for example, the carbon footprint of concrete construction and offer alternative options for natural stone materials. We also meet the requirements pertaining to low-emission sites, for instance, regarding fuels and equipment. 

Diversity as a strength

Our competence enables us to implement any project from design to construction, even in challenging urban environments. We are at our strongest in multi-faceted projects, and we are adept at different kinds of works from laying foundations to building tracks and from road construction to energy infrastructures. We work both underground and on the surface.

We have carried out several collaborative projects, such as alliances and project management contracts. We can help with selecting the right implementation method or procurement model. By participating already at the development stage of projects, we can help find a sustainable solution while making the work more efficient, enabling a faster turnaround.

Street renovations and traffic projects

In cities and urban areas, we implement street renovations, new street areas, cycling lanes and pedestrian foot paths as well as tramways to connect neighbourhoods. Our street renovation and new construction competence covers both basic structures, water maintenance, including storm water systems, electricity, heating and telecommunications.

Demanding foundation excavations

We boast comprehensive open cut rock excavation and piling wall construction competence. Therefore we are able to build deep excavations for new structures even in the middle of existing infrastructure. When building in the middle of a city, we ensure the operation of the existing systems and prepare to support adjacent structures as well as control the flow of groundwater.

Recreational areas and creation of green spaces

We implement parks, marketplaces and playgrounds and their standardised inspections. We perform foundation work, planting, turfing and stone construction work. Underground, we build technical systems, such as electrical systems and subsurface drains and rainwater pipes. We offer solutions for new and renovated sites to cities, business and industrial properties as well as construction companies. We also perform warranty maintenance to ensure the area is comfortable and flourishing long into the future.

Restoration of sites

Areal construction starts with the removal of old structures and trees. When the purpose of land use changes, the site must often be renovated before its commissioning. The tools and methods we use enable us to renovate contaminated areas, even challenging ones. In addition, we ensure the protection of the groundwater during the work and take care of the disposal of the contaminated soil.

Comprehensive building construction services

We offer building construction services from design to construction. We can use prefabricated modules or, if necessary, build on site. We can also help with the official licencing processes. We implement electric stations, storages, car parks and other halls and warehouses. Our areas of expertise include challenging concrete structures and working in difficult conditions, for example, in the vicinity of infrastructure networks, such as railways or energy networks.

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