Infrastructure design with comprehensive expertise

Good infrastructure design enables functional, comfortable and accessible urban environments and, for example, transport and building services. We offer infrastructure design services tailored to the customer’s needs. We take the needs of stakeholders, safety of movement, environmental values and the wider economy into account in our design solutions. Our advantages also include knowledge and competence in construction and maintenance phases.

We have comprehensive specialist competence with decades of experience at our disposal, and we will supplement it if needed through our established specialised partners. We implement high-quality projects, both big and small, making use of the latest technology without compromising on the schedule. We have also strongly taken part in joint development projects in the field.

Traffic planning

We design diverse traffic solutions primarily from the viewpoints of user safety and good service levels. For example, we carry out multidisciplinary plans and surveys, road safety assessments, and plans for sustainable and safe traffic. In addition, we prepare traffic plans, perform feasibility reviews, modelling and simulations as well as assess the effects of traffic projects.

Landscape and urban space design

We design comfortable environments that are sustainably implemented and maintained and take into account the unique and local features and values of the area and the users’ needs. Our projects include landscape plans and urban designs of playgrounds, sports facilities, residential yards, market squares and other public urban environments. We prepare plans and designs of urban parks, recreational areas and green spaces in conjunction with other urban infrastructure.

Environmental planning

All dimensions of sustainability are premises in our designs. We design living environments where risks have been minimised and human activities and the nature are in balance. Our projects vary form preliminary reports and plans to engineering and final engineering plans, guidance for maintenance works and follow-up of project impacts. We provide environmental plans and reports, statements of sufficiency of bridge opening and permit applications in accordance with the Water Act, the Environmental Protection Act and the Land Extraction Act.

Road, street, regional and water supply planning

We offer diverse competence in road, street, regional, and water supply planning. We design new town plan areas, sites for repair, and sites such as schoolyards and traffic terminals. In addition, we design public roads, water supplies, and municipal technology for sparsely populated areas. We are pioneers in data model-based design of roads.

Bridge design

We are an expert partner for renovating bridges or designing new ones for road, street or railway projects. We can provide bridge and structural engineering designs for each stage from preliminary surveys to construction design. In addition to bridges, we can design any other structural engineering structures of the infrastructure network, such as pile slabs, retaining walls and noise barriers.

Geotechnical design

Using our extensive geotechnical, rock engineering and geological competences, we produce cost-effective designs all the way from preliminary design to design during construction works. In addition to the geotechnical design of road projects, we offer our strong competence on road and municipal engineering projects where the dense urban environment imposes new types of challenges on geotechnical design compared to traditional roads.

Rock engineering

We offer rock engineering design services from preliminary planning to the completion of the project. We can design new underground spaces on a site-by-site basis, taking into account the purpose and environmental conditions of the facility, such as the geology of the bedrock, rock stress, the groundwater conditions and the requirements of the built-up environment.

Strategic transport systems

We offer our expertise in the strategic development of transport systems and analysing the operating environment of the future. Our services include strategic studies related to the different areas of transport systems, logistics and business life. We also create support materials for infrastructure investments, provide expert statements and address media enquiries about transport and infrastructure.

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