Road, street, regional and water supply planning

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Functional infrastructure is the prerequisite for our society’s growth. Comfortable, safe and smooth infrastructure requires expert planning. We offer diverse competence in road, street, regional, and water supply planning. We design new town plan areas, sites for repair, and sites such as schoolyards and traffic terminals. In addition, we design public roads, water supplies, and municipal technology for sparsely populated areas.

Due to our comprehensive network of locations, we are near the customer. With the help of our good local knowledge, we always consider the needs of different stakeholders, safety of movement, environmental values and the wider economy in our planning solutions.

We are pioneers in data model-based design of roads and actively take part in the development work of the field. We adhere to the field’s best practices in model-based design, which in turn helps in drawing up high-quality plans.

Our services related to road, street, regional and water supply planning are:

  • General and road plans as well as construction plans in accordance with the Highways Act
  • general, street and construction plans for streets, areas, markets and squares
  • area provision plans, action surveys, idea plans
  • general and construction plans for lighting
  • general and construction plans for water supply
  • general and construction plans for signage and traffic control
  • wind farm infrastructure planning
  • traffic arrangements during the work

Explore our references

Transforming national highway 4 Kello-Räinänperä into a motorway – safer and smoother mobility for road users

Road plan project enabled the conversion of the Kello-Räinänperä route to a motorway

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