Bridge design

Bridges are an important and necessary part of the infrastructure – they connect people, goods and traffic. Bridges are an expensive part in infrastructure projects, therefore solutions created already at the design stage have an effect on the total cost and functionality of the project. We are an expert partner for renovating bridges or designing new ones for road, street or railway projects.

Impressive bridges act as landmarks and bring added cultural and environmental value to cities and provinces alike. We can provide bridge and structural engineering designs for each stage from preliminary surveys to construction design. We can design concrete, wood or steel structures factoring in the special characteristics and feasibility of the bridge location.

In addition to bridges, we can design any other structural engineering structures of the infrastructure network, such as pile slabs, retaining walls and noise barriers. We also have wide knowledge of designing the supporting structures for the stages of bridge construction.  Our expertise covers temporal structures such as framework and supporting bridges for cast-in-situ concrete structures, sheet pile walls and reserve bridges.

We use the latest industry software and increasingly utilize algorithms-aided designing in our modelling processes. We can implement all of our designs with BIM (building information modelling). We provide our customers, such as cities and provinces, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA), with BIM consulting services, e.g. quality control for IFC-models and educational services.

We create comprehensively functional and cost-effective solutions to meet our customers’ needs and desires. We have helped design several major projects, including Design and Build projects and alliance projects. We always take into account the climate effect and sustainability targets already at the design stage.

Our experts possess, for example, the following FISE certifications:

  • Designer of concrete structures, exceptionally difficult, new buildings
  • Designer of steel structures, exceptionally difficult, new buildings
  • Designer of timber structures, exceptionally difficult, new buildings
  • Designer of concrete structures, exceptionally difficult, repair and alteration work
  • Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency: Bridge inspector qualifications

What we offer our customers:

  • Bridge and structural engineering design for all design stages
  • Bridge repair design
  • Design of temporal structures for bridge construction: sheet pile walls, supporting bridges and reserve bridges
  • Bridge inspections and load carrying capacity analysis
  • Consulting services for National publications (FTIA)

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