Rock engineering

More efficient land use with rock engineering

Rock engineering provides new opportunities for efficient land use. Moving parking and infrastructure underground creates more space on the surface for people and, in this way, enables more comfortable urban environments. We offer rock engineering design services from preliminary planning to the completion of the project. We can help to develop projects and we are able to see them through. As an end-to-end operator, we are cost-aware and capable of developing suitable solutions for different conditions.

Innovative design for underground and surface sites

We can design new underground spaces on a site-by-site basis, taking into account the purpose and environmental conditions of the facility, such as the geology of the bedrock, rock stress, the groundwater conditions and the requirements of the built-up environment. Usually, we start the project with surveys to find out the location and quality of the rock. The starting point is to identify solutions that meet the customer’s requirements and are appropriate for the conditions.

Rock cutting reinforcement design to improve road safety

There are several rock cuttings in Finland that are in poor condition, jeopardising road safety. In the worst-case scenario, rockfalls may block the road and result in casualties or injuries. Our rock engineers design reinforcement plans for the sites and ensure high-quality implementation during the contract.

Rock structure engineer to help with renovation

The reinforcement of rock facilities is usually designed for a useful life of 50 or 100 years. There are rock facilities in Finland where either the technical useful life has been met or no reinforcement has been applied. When it comes to renovation, we inspect the conditions of the site and identify the required measures in order to restore the site to the targeted condition. Renovation sites include, for example, rock cuttings and tunnels that are in bad shape.

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