Winter Maintenance Management Centre

A unique service for managing winter maintenance of roads

Our Winter Maintenance Management Centre facilitates winter maintenance of roads and increases the safety of road users by enabling the perfect timing of maintenance tasks. The winter maintenance experts from Destia and the meteorologists from the Finnish Meteorological Institute produce the best possible weather forecasts for and management of road maintenance personnel 24 hours a day during the winter season.

The Winter Maintenance Management Centre has access to the most advanced weather condition modelling techniques in the industry, road weather information produced by Fintraffic, and weather and meteorological competence of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Strong practical experience of winter weather and the winter management of roads enable, for example, forecasting slippery conditions and generating a good overview of the regional snow plowing and anti-skid needs.

If you are interested in our winter maintenance services, please get in touch. We provide services throughout the year.

Tailored service for maintenance operators

The Winter Maintenance Management Centre provides a wide range of winter maintenance management services for maintenance operators. We can offer customized packages of our services to meet our customers’ needs.

Weather service for maintenance operators

Via our extranet, we provide dynamic real-time weather services to support maintenance operators’ decision-making. We offer both individual products and comprehensive packages.

Our services

  • Weather forecasts with the expertise of the Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Forecasts of road conditions in cooperation with the Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Departure alerts for the supervisors or directly for the drivers
  • Group alert service that reduces the alarm time
  • Weekend and night on-call service
  • Service packages tailored to the customer’s needs to meet the maintenance requirements

The benefits

  • Reliable information on weather, weather changes, and the impact on road conditions
  • The correct timing of tasks makes the operations more economic
  • Less need for supervisors and maintenance operators to monitor the weather, resulting in cost savings
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reliable weather and road condition forecasts reduce dangerous situations for road users and reduce traffic disruptions
  • Feedback from the service users is utilised to develop operations continuously

Destia Winter Maintenance Management Centre has been supporting winter road maintenance for 30 years

With the winter maintenance season that has just begun, Destia’s Winter Maintenance Management Centre is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The Winter Maintenance Management Centre, currently operating in Helsinki in connection with the Finnish Meteorological Institute, began operations in Turku on October 7, 1991. At the Winter Maintenance Management Centre, Destia’s experts specializing in winter road maintenance and the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s meteorologists are on call around the clock during the winter maintenance season, i.e., from 15 September to 15 May.

Interested? Please contact us!

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Finnish Meteorological Institute

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Winter Maintenance Management Centre

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