Electricity networks

Comprehensive electrical contracting expertise

Society is becoming more and more electrified, and electricity consumption is increasing. Therefore, the importance of electricity networks keeps increasing. We provide diverse services to satisfy the needs of electricity networks. We build and maintain electricity networks and act as an expert partner for network owners, renewable energy companies and industry for the design, construction and maintenance of substations, transmission and distribution networks. In addition, we provide leased electricity distribution products for construction sites, major events as well as maintenance downtime periods for the industrial sector.

Electricity networks are our specialty – we build and maintain them nationwide. We provide a comprehensive electrical contracting service for new and re-building projects. In investment and network construction projects, we can take responsibility for parts of the project or implement the entire project based on the turnkey principle.

We are also a reliable electricity distribution partner with regards to condition inspections, fault location and fault repair. As an equipment-independent supplier, we are able to tailor our solutions to our customers’ needs.

 Our services

  • Distribution network (0.4–20 kV) design, construction, maintenance and repair
  • Transmission line (110–400 kV) design, construction and maintenance
  • 110 kV underground cable construction
  • Substation design and construction

Specialist partner for industry

We act as an expert partner for industry for the design, construction and maintenance of substations, transmission and distribution networks.

Our industrial electricity network services cover the design, construction and maintenance of the electricity distribution network as well as its distribution substations and transformers in the 0.4–110 kV voltage range. We build according to the customer’s ready-made designs or provide a turnkey delivery from licencing to the warranty period works.

Construction work for substations

We offer building construction services from design to construction. We can use prefabricated modules or, if necessary, build on site.

Electrification of renewable energy

We provide electrification services for renewable energy production. We ensure that the energy generated by the wind and solar power farms is transferred to the power grid. We design and construct energy farm substations, cables, overhead transmission lines and battery energy storage systems.

Explore our references

A transmission line across Lake Kemijärvi connects the Nuolivaara wind farm to the national grid

Sinimäki substation responding to increasing electricity consumption

Leased electricity distribution products

We provide distribution transformers, light masts and power containers as leasing products. We implement temporary electrification and supply backup power units, e.g. for construction sites, major events as well as maintenance downtime periods for the industrial sector.

Distribution transformer

We rent out different-sized movable distribution transformers for industrial needs. They are equipped with 500–1000 kVA transformers and come with or without low voltage/medium voltage measurement.

As our leased distribution transformers have a light foundation, they do not require separate foundations. All distribution transformers include oil trays. We deliver the transformers to a location designated by the customer. The minimum lease period of the transformers is 1 month.

Power container

The power container is intended to be used as a backup power source, for example, at major events or festivals. It can also be used to ensure electricity supply during industrial maintenance downtime periods. With the power container, electricity distribution is easy and efficient. The container includes continuous 600 A power supply and 500 kVA of power. The power container comes with fixed distribution panel including ready rubber cables.

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