Road construc­tion

Constructing roads of the future

In Finland, the population, cities and operations are spread over a large area, which means that good connections are required to connect people and places. In addition, the changing seasons in the north impose quality and functionality requirements on traffic connections. We offer a wide range of services and know-how for road and street construction, municipal engineering, lighting and traffic control.

Road construction

We construct different-sized roads from local roads to major roads tens of kilometres long for the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, cities, municipalities and industrial operators. Our fortes include project know-how, being a pioneer in model-based production and our extensive experience. We build roads using our considerable knowledge covering everything from foundation engineering to municipal engineering networks, bridges and surface structures. We ensure sustainable construction by, for example, having our environmental experts calculate the carbon footprints of our projects.

We implement projects by using different contract models. We have the required design and project management expertise for Design and Build contracts and alliances. In addition to design and implementation, our life cycle model also includes road repair, maintenance and financing.

Street construction in the urban environment

In cities and urban areas, we implement street renovations, new street areas, cycling and pedestrian paths as well as tramways to connect areas. Our competence covers both basic structures, water maintenance, including storm water systems, electricity, heating and telecommunications.

The importance of cooperation with the customer, designers, owners of underground utilities and other parties comes to the front in street renovation projects. When building new streets, the operation of the existing systems must be ascertained at the same time. There must also be readiness to continue the work efficiently even if the plans were to change. Functional traffic arrangements and efficient communications help us ensure safe traffic, living and business activities in the area.

Explore our references

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Improvements in the flow of Hämeentie

Construction and repair of municipal engineering structures

Working water supply is important for everyone, including residents and service providers. To work properly, residential areas, streets, parks, playgrounds and the rest of the man-made environment need functional systems: underground drying systems, such as storm water drains, functional water distribution as well as sewerage, including pumping stations and purification plants. We can execute comprehensive municipal engineering construction and renovations projects.

Traffic control services and equipment

Our services include the design, implementation and maintenance of temporary traffic arrangements at construction sites in roads, urban areas and city environments as well as at events. We can also install temporary signage, information boards, signs and portals.

From us, you can hire traffic controllers as well as different traffic control equipment from concrete barriers to collision protection vehicles and traffic lights. Our traffic control services ensure road and traffic safety, seamless traffic and staying on schedule.


We build and maintain road and street lighting. Our strengths include know-how and equipment, safe and high-quality work as well as partner and subcontractor networks. 

In addition to road and street lighting, we create lighting solutions for industry and large properties. In addition to building new lighting, our services cover the renovation of old lighting networks as well as special lighting applications, such as facades or bridges.

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Environmental responsibility

We build environmentally friendly infrastructure that serves people and businesses. We take nature values into consideration and operate sustainably. We engage in systematic efforts to improve our eco-efficiency, minimise environmental impacts and conserve biodiversity.