We build environmentally efficient infrastructure which serves the needs of people and businesses as effectively as possible. We take nature values into consideration in our operations and operate responsibly and sustainably. We engage in systematic efforts to improve our eco-efficiency, minimise the environmental impacts of our operations and conserve biodiversity.

We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality in terms of our own emissions by 2030 and being climate positive by 2035. By 2030, we will also reduce indirect emissions from third parties by 30%, using 2020 as the baseline. These indirect emissions include the greenhouse gas emissions from third parties’ fuel consumption and the production of concrete, steel and asphalt.

Environmental management is part of our integrated management system, which has been awarded the international ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management. Our operations are guided by our environmental policy and supplementary guidelines.

Environmental policy

Sustainability is part our day-to-day work

  • We operate in compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and act sustainably in cooperation with our stakeholders.
  • Climate change and low-carbon activities guide our choices and operations throughout the life cycle of our services.
  • We observe environmental legislation and regulations in our operations and participate in their development.
  • We promote circular economy and the sustainable use of resources.
  • We are committed to continuously improving the environmental management system and the level of environmental protection.
  • We take biodiversity into account in our operations by actively maintaining and promoting it.

Everyone at Destia takes into consideration the environmental impacts of their actions and commits to protecting the environment.

Our environmental work focuses particularly on low-carbon operations, circular economy and biodiversity. We use the best possible technology and develop our competence to ensure environmental safety.

Low-carbon operations

The impact of construction on the environment is significant, which is why we as a service provider have a great responsibility. We wish to promote sustainable practices in the industry and help our customers achieve their carbon neutrality goals, as well. We provide various sustainable services and solutions for different stages of infrastructure projects, such as low-carbon site services and emissions accounting. We use low-carbon materials in our projects, such as low-carbon aggregate, and lower-emission energy solutions, such as renewable fuel and electric equipment.

Circular economy

Circular economy is a key part of our sustainability efforts, and we use recycled materials in construction as much as possible Our goal is to make more precise use of, and recycle, all construction materials, and also prevent the creation of waste.


We work to conserve biodiversity. We exclude protected areas of high natural value from our operations. We create ways to promote biodiversity; our well-designed measures and landscaping make it possible to create new habitats and broaden the diversity of species.