Railway services

We enable safe and punctual railway traffic

We provide railway infrastructure solutions to meet the needs of the increasing railway traffic and growing speeds while promoting the implementation of carbon neutral railway traffic, both passenger and freight.

We cover the entire spectrum of trackwork from construction to maintenance and other rail projects and works. The basic safety and trafficability requirement is that the track conditions meet the railway regulations. We have an uncompromising attitude towards safety, enabling us to achieve the best possible result for our customers and users of rail services.

We offer turnkey railway services using our own fleet and equipment and invest in project management, including, for example, international procurement. Our customers include public organisations, such as the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency for the state railway network, and cities for tramway and metro work, as well as private track owners, such as factories and ports.

Services from construction to maintenance

We offer services from track construction to maintenance, but we also implement other railway traffic works. We provide railway survey services, quality welding and ultrasonic testing as well as equipment and fleet for all types of track works and environments.

Track maintenance

As a leading maintenance service provider of superstructures and signalling for railways in Finland, we operate comprehensively across the railway network and know the local conditions. We inspect and maintain tracks and track environment regardless of the time of year or day. We also provide railway yard traffic control supporting safe and uninterrupted railway transportation.

Railway construction

Our railway construction comprises the substructures and superstructures as well as railway electrification and signalling work. Many of our contracts include all of the above. In addition, we carry out bridge repairs, culvert work, tunnel repairs and level crossing work. We also provide metro and tramway rail construction. We perform projects of any size from alliances to standard contracts for maintaining the railway network.


In addition to the typical surveys, as-built dimensioning and track geometry measurements, we conduct geometric design. We use a wide range of digital tools and have expertise in Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Welding work

Welding is the basis of the quality assurance of preventive maintenance and superstructure construction. In addition to welding, our services include ultrasonic testing and neutral temperature measurements of rail-joint welding. Our welding services have been awarded a quality management certificate.

Our fleet

We have an extensive fleet and equipment for construction, repair and maintenance of railways, which we develop to meet the needs of our customers. Our fleet includes tamping machines suitable for supporting line tracks and switches, locomotives and train carriages, a ballast shaping machine, railway wheel excavators including a wide range of accessories as well as other equipment with railway wheels, such as railway wheel cars and carriages.

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