Destia as an employer

Our winning team

We offer meaningful work to everyone at Destia. Our company consists of approximately 1,700 experts in various fields, including infrastructure planning, construction, and maintenance. Diversity is not only important, but also our strength – we represent a broad spectrum of people in terms of age, gender, and educational background.

Personnel well-being is our priority

The well-being of our personnel is at the heart of everything we do.

We encourage all Destia employees to maintain their work ability by offering comprehensive health and welfare services and benefits that promote well-being in different life situations (e.g. EUR 400 for culture, exercise, massage and dental care services)

We promote equality and equity by encouraging a healthy work-life balance, considering the needs of older workers, and providing flexible working time opportunities, for example, through hybrid work.

In 2022, our eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) rose to 37 (2021: 30).

Coaching leadership

We invest in the development of coaching management practices. We want to ensure that all Destia employees are managed in a human-oriented manner. This helps us maintain the personnel’s motivation, develop their skills, and ensure that they stay healthy.

Approximately 40 supervisors participate in our internal management programmes every year. Through inspiring leadership, we ensure that every Destia employee has an exemplary supervisor who allows them to be independent, who is encouraging and available when necessary.

Employees can influence their own career paths

We encourage our employees to maintain and develop their competence and professional skills. We support continuous learning through, for example, annual career and performance discussions, with an emphasis on assessing the employees’ successes, competencies, and career aspirations in the short and long term.

Through our owner, Colas, we have 58,000 colleagues in 50 countries. The size of our company and our international owner offer a wide range of career paths and enable the sharing of expertise internationally.

We reward performance

Our values also guide the way we reward our personnel. We offer a competitive package of material and immaterial rewards throughout the year.

Our incentive system rewards individuals, teams, and all employees for good performance and the company’s success. Effective performance management enables everyone to influence their remuneration.

We listen to our personnel

We collect personnel feedback through regular pulse and personnel surveys. This means that everyone at Destia can have their voice heard and influence the development of their own team and the entire work community.

Last year, for example, we discovered that the distribution of roles and responsibilities at Destia was not clear enough. In response, we created job descriptions for different positions, which are useful in the induction training process and in feedback and career discussions.

Based on the personnel surveys of 2022, we are still one of the most inspiring employers in Finland.

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Do you have questions about the recruitment process or working at Destia? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help.

Lotta Lukka

HRD Specialist

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