Destia as an employer

Our winning team

We offer meaningful work to everyone at Destia. Our company consists of approximately 1,700 different experts in various fields, including infrastructure design, construction, maintenance, energy and electricity. In addition, we employ professionals in areas such as finance, communications, IT, legal and HR. Diversity is not only important but also one of our strengths – our employees are varied in age, gender, personality, educational background, as well as other terms.

Welcome to build infrastructure for people

At Destia, we build infra for people. The kind that improves the quality of life for everybody. Our work culture and values are also people-oriented – you are at the core of it all!

You are more than just your title

At Destia, you will be heard. Not only as an employee, but also as a co-worker. We encourage you to be curious and creative. To express yourself and develop your skills. We consider individuality above all to be an asset.

There is no single career path

At Destia, you will not be stuck on a path that only leads towards one predetermined point in your career. You get to actively influence your direction – based on your own interests and expertise. There are ample opportunities.

Balance between work and personal life

Even though we are working towards the same goal, we understand that there is more to life than work. And so it should be. That’s why we offer flexibility in changing life situations. It matters to us that you are able to give time to the most important things in life.

We are the largest and most versatile

As Finland’s largest infrastructure company and part of the international Colas Group, we offer numerous opportunities for self-development. Learning from each other is also part of the Destia spirit – together we develop ever better infrastructure for people.

Fair pay

We want to reward you for your good work. We offer an attractive salary package that includes performance bonuses, extensive occupational health care and a wide range of employee benefits.

We are a responsible employer

It is important for us to act responsibly as an employer. At Destia, we are continuously monitoring and promoting equality, as well as investing in a safe and healthy work environment. Our values guide our behaviour and decision-making in all situations every day. In addition, our leadership promise ensures good supervisory work.

Every year, we participate in Oikotie’s Responsible Workplace community. In 2023, we received Finland’s Most Responsible Employer award for the second time in a row in the category of large organisations with more than 1,000 employees (Responsible Employer Survey).

1. We respect the candidate

We communicate the progress of the recruitment process to you, and we ensure that you have a positive experience throughout the entire recruitment process. At the end of the recruitment process, you are welcome to give us anonymous feedback about your experience.

2. We provide a proper orientation to the job

Induction plays a central role in our work and we do it both on site, in our online learning environment and through summer employee induction sessions. Your colleagues will be there to support you and help you learn your tasks and work habits.

3. Our supervisors exist for the employees

In accordance with our leadership promise, your supervisor is present, gives responsibility, encourages and sets a good example in implementing responsible practices. We have a coaching approach to leadership to ensure that all Destia employees are led in a people-oriented manner.

4. We provide meaningful work that fosters development

In accordance with our value “renewal”, we encourage you to continuously maintain and develop your competence and professional skills, with on-the-job learning being the most important form of development. We also support continuous learning through, for example, annual career and competence development discussions, with an emphasis on assessing your successes, competencies and career aspirations in the short and long term. We enable your development, and you get to do meaningful work that can be seen all over Finland. We recognize our important role as a provider of first work experiences for many young people.

5. We address unequal treatment right away

To us, all Destia employees are of equal value and we treat everyone equally, fairly and with respect. We participate in the Työ ei syrji (“Work does not discriminate”) campaign organised by the Confederation of Finnish Industries and have zero tolerance for discrimination.

6. We take care of employee wellbeing

We take care of a safe and healthy working environment, with personnel well-being as our priority. We encourage you to maintain your work ability by offering comprehensive health and welfare services and vitality-enhancing personnel benefits. We value work-life balance and to support it, we offer flexible working time and place opportunities for different life situations, for example, through hybrid work.

7. We pay a fair salary

Our remuneration principles are based on our values. You will be rewarded based on your performance with a remuneration system that is competitive, encouraging and fair. The criteria and assessment methods of performance bonuses that come on top of the basic salary are communicated openly to everyone in the organisation. In accordance with the trade unions’ recommendations, we offer students a salary that is based on the progress of their studies and previous work experience.

Coaching leadership

We invest in the development of coaching management practices. We want to ensure that all Destia employees are managed in a human-oriented manner. This helps us maintain the personnel’s motivation, develop their skills, and ensure that they stay healthy.

Approximately 40 supervisors participate in our internal management programmes every year. Through inspiring leadership, we ensure that every Destia employee has an exemplary supervisor who allows them to be independent, who is encouraging and available when necessary.

Personnel at the core

The well-being and competence of our personnel is at the heart of everything we do. We encourage you to maintain your work ability and offer, among other things, the ePassi benefits for culture, exercise, massage and dental care services (€400/year). We encourage work-life balance and offer flexible working time and place opportunities, for example, through hybrid work.

We collect personnel feedback through regular pulse and personnel surveys. We highlight successes and development areas in teams and at the organisation level and pick development goals for the next year. We are constantly monitoring our employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). In 2023, our eNPS rose to 44 (2022: 37). Based on the personnel surveys of 2023, we continue to be one of the most inspiring employers in Finland.

We encourage people to influence their career path

We encourage you to continue learning throughout your career and actively pursue career path opportunities. We support the development of competence through day-to-day management, job descriptions and goals, career and competence development discussions, performance bonuses, feedback and highlighting successes.

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Do you have questions about the recruitment process or working at Destia? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help. Please note that we do not accept job applications by email.

Lotta Lukka

HRD Specialist

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