Wind power infra­structure

Wind power infrastructure on a turnkey basis

As part of the solution to the climate crisis, energy is being produced more cleanly and locally. Wind power is an emission-free, domestically produced alternative with competitive production costs. We build wind power infrastructures in a customer-oriented way provided as individual service deliveries or comprehensive turnkey deliveries.

Our services comprise the project stages of the wind power infrastructure from design to construction and maintenance. Our extensive experience of designing and building large-scale infrastructures as well as managing large projects enables us to implement wind power infrastructures even in variable and challenging terrains. Our expertise also includes the design and construction of electricity networks, which means that the energy produced by a wind park can be transferred to regional or national grid.

Our services include, for example

  • Project management
  • Design
  • Field engineering and road construction
  • Foundations of wind turbine generators
  • Design and construction of wind farm collector system
  • Design and construction of wind farm substations
  • Connecting to the regional or national grid
  • Design and construction of overhead transmission lines

Project management

Our solid expertise in executing and scheduling large infrastructure projects provides the basis for successful project management. We invest in project development by introducing new technologies and know-how to our production processes. Safety is key to all of our operations and we take it into account throughout the project.


Our expertise covers ​road engineering, ​electrical engineering, foundation design, ground surveys and ​assessments of the existing roads. We carry out the necessary surveys and measurements using the latest technology. We also provide support for the challenges of the project development stage from preliminary surveys to EIA applications. Thanks to our engineering expertise, we are able to flexibly update plans and create new ones as required.


Our foundation engineering services include the fortification of excavations, groundwork, concrete structures and different types of pile driving and rock anchors as well as the fortification, renovation and repair of foundations or ground structures. We also supply high-quality CE-marked aggregates for construction and concrete products.

​Field engineering and road construction

We implement road and street projects of different sizes from small local projects to large projects requiring special expertise. We have the expertise required for surveying, constructing and renovating the road infrastructure of the wind park. In addition, our state-of-the-art traffic control services ensure the safe and smooth flow of traffic on and around the site.

Wind farm cabling, electrification and connection to power grid

In addition to foundation and field engineering, we are experts in electrification. We ensure that the energy generated by the wind farm is transferred to the power grid. We provide electrification services for the entire life cycle from preliminary studies and design to construction, maintenance and, if necessary, follow-up inspections.

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Wind Power Construction

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Wind power infrastructure

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A bone-chilling gust of wind picks up someone’s hat and makes the tall trees sway in rhythm. The wind is a familiar companion to outdoorsy people especially in coastal areas, and Finland has more than a thousand kilometres of coastline. Another familiar sight is the white windmills spinning in the horizon and collecting wind for our energy needs. Wind power has become one of the most important sources of renewable energy; in 2022, there were nearly 1,400 wind power plants operating in Finland, and the future looks even windier.


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