Values and Code of Ethics

We are guided by strong values and Bouygues Group’s Code of Ethics. It is important to us that Destia employees and management follow our values and comply with the Code of Ethics. In addition, all our contracting parties must commit to the CSR Charter for suppliers and subcontractors.

Our values: fairness, togetherness, renewal and success

We work fairly and on the basis of customer needs, together. We do not stay put as we know how to renew ourselves. This is why we succeed.

With leadership, we build a corporate culture in line with our values. According to our leadership promise, we coach our winning team by being present, giving responsibility, being encouraging, and showing example.


We care about each other’s safety and wellbeing.

We are open and honest.

We act sustainably and responsibly.


We strengthen our sense of belonging and diversity.

We share common interests and work towards them.

We work in internal and external networks.


We create new together with our customers and partners.

We ensure continuous learning and development.

We are daring and continuously develop new services.


We know our operating environment and are agile.

We set our goals high and aim to exceed them.

We ensure the continuity of our operations.

Code of Ethics as the basis for our operations

Bouygues Group’s Code of Ethics bring together our values and mutually accepted principles of operation. The Group’s values are respect, integrity and responsibility, and we follow them side by side with Destia’s own values.

What is it for and who is it for?

  • The Group’s reputation and robustness hinge on the confidence of its stakeholders, its employees and senior executives, which in turn stems from respect for the core shared values of respect, integrity and responsibility. These values are intended to guide our Business segments in all their business dealings.
  • This Code of Ethics applies to all employees and senior executives of the Group in the course of their activities, regardless of the Entity, project or country concerned.

Ethical management

  • Senior executives and managers must not only observe the highest ethical standards but also pass on this message to their employees.
  • Management is therefore expected to lead by example


  • Respect is one of the Group’s key values and must guide everyone in their individual behaviour, whether internally in dealings with the Group’s employees and senior executives, or externally in dealings with stakeholders and all third parties.


  • The Group places a high value on strict compliance with laws, regulations and internal standards, particularly as regards the fight against corruption and influence peddling; competition law; stock market regulations; economic sanctions; prevention of conflicts of interest; human rights; fundamental freedoms; environmental protection; health, safety and security in the workplace; and personal data protection.


  • All senior executives and employees have a duty to respect a professional ethic based on the Group’s shared values, the rules and principles of action set out in this Code of Ethics, the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct, the Group’s compliance programmes and policies, as well as the Business segment procedures where applicable.

Employee and senior executive ethics

  • The performance of the Group and its Business segments is dependent on the ethics of its employees and senior executives.
  • Ethics occurs in its various forms, from respecting human rights to the solidarity followed within the Group.

Stakeholder ethics

  • Our Group owes its success to the confidence and ethics of its stakeholders.
  • Our stakeholders are Group customers, suppliers and subcontractors and Group shareholders.

Implementing the Code of Ethics

  • The Group’s Business segments are responsible for implementing this Code of Ethics, as well as the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct and the Group’s compliance programmes and related policies.
  • Each Business segment has an Ethics Committee reporting to the Board of Directors.
  • Our priority is to create a climate of dialogue within the Group.
  • We encourage employees (including external or occasional workers) and senior executives to flag any ethics issues to their direct or indirect line manager, their legal department, Compliance Officer, Business segment Ethics Officer and/or Group Ethics Officer, Human Resources manager or the Entity’s senior executives.
  • Reporting may also be done through the whistleblowing platform.

Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct

The Group’s Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct guides the compliance of the Code of Ethics, and our compliance programs provide more precise methods of operation for different situations. Our group’s compliance programs are the compliance programs for conflicts of interest, competition, embargoes and export restrictions, as well as financial information and securities trading.

CSR Charter for suppliers and subcontractors

We require that all our contracting parties comply with the Group’s CSR Charter for suppliers and subcontractors. In this way, we ensure that our contracting parties for example, conduct their business in ethical way, comply with key labor legislations, ensure safety at work, and operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Whistleblowing channel

We have a whistleblowing channel, through which anyone, such as a Destia’s employee or a contracting partner, can submit a notification if they suspect or notice that our actions have violated our Code of Ethics. With the help of the whistleblowing channel, we promote transparency and openness in our organisation.

Our whistleblowing channel is administered by an external service provider. You can submit your report either under your own name or anonymously. All reports are handled confidentially. Your name will not be made public and you will not be penalised for reporting misconduct.

The whistleblowing channel is only intended to monitor compliance with our Code of Ethics and to address misconduct. Customer feedback, complaints and development requests related to HR matters must be addressed to the appropriate responsible persons.