Occupational health and well-being

Our values – fairness, togetherness, renewal and success – are the foundation for our actions and decisions. We strive to ensure a workplace that promotes well-being and equality for all our personnel. As a responsible employer, we listen to our employees and offer them diverse opportunities for developing their skills.

Occupational health and well-being management is part of our integrated management system, which has been awarded the international ISO 45001 certificate for occupational health and safety management. Our operations are guided by our safety policy and supplementary guidelines.

Well-being at Destia

People are at the core of our operations. It is important to us that our people are satisfied and can develop at work. We also pay attention to a healthy work-life balance, the needs of older workers and flexible working hours, to leave time for the most important things in life.

For us, the well-being of our employees is part of our success. We monitor the achievement of the goals and indicators set for well-being by the management, in addition to which we review the status of the working environment and community annually. At Destia, caring for employees is an intrinsic part of managerial work, and our goal is to promote the well-being and work ability of personnel throughout their careers.

We monitor our employees’ work ability continuously and react actively to changes in accordance with our early support model. We work closely with our occupational health care and pension insurance company to identify long-term or permanent unemployment at an early stage.

We want to secure the work ability and well-being of our personnel in different life situations. In order to help prevent challenges and maintain work ability, we offer Destia employees, and especially risk groups, well-considered support measures that are tailored to each person’s need. We also actively look for rehabilitation options to enable a return to working life.

We are a responsible employer

We offer meaningful work to everyone at Destia. It is important for us to act responsibly as an employer. At Destia, we are continuously monitoring and promoting equality, as well as investing in a safe and healthy work environment.