Aggregates and circular economy

A wide range of aggregates from anywhere in Finland

Infrastructure built in a responsible and environmentally friendly way requires a locally sourced, high-quality, CE-certified aggregate. We offer solutions to meet aggregate requirements as well as for the recycling of building materials and the reception of clean land. Thanks to our circular economy services, our team can also help with meeting the environmental targets of different types of construction projects. Our objective is to promote our low-carbon targets as well as those of our customers.

We take into account biodiversity and other environmental factors throughout the entire life cycle of our aggregates from the design stage to landscaping. This is why our aggregates enable you to build in a responsible and sustainable way. In Finland, we have approximately 300 aggregate sites and the most comprehensive sales and delivery network in the country. Located in different parts of Finland, our aggeregate sites make it possible to transport the aggregate over a shorter distance to the location where it is used, which is also more environmentally friendly.

Aggregates for different needs

Crushed aggregate and blasted rock

Crushed aggregate is aggregate crushed from rock or gravel aggregate made of natural gravel. After blastingand crushing, the aggregates are screened to the preferred product. Crushed rock and gravel aggregates are ideal for the structural layers of traffic routes because the special properties of crushed aggregates include excellent compactibility and carrying capacity. Finer crushed aggregates are also suitable for the surface materials of roads and yards. Crushed moraine is used in the wearing courses of gravel roads.

We use blasted rock as a raw material, but we also sell it as it is.

Sand and gravel

Sand and gravel are suitable, for example, for yard or road construction as well as supporting materials on construction sites. Screened gravel lets water through well and is excellent for filling use because it is frost resistant. Drain material does not comprise easily compacted materials, which makes its permeability ideal. Finer materials prevent the materials in the soil from entering and blocking the pipes.

Frost insulation layer and filter layer sands are used in the structural layers to reduce the capillary rise of water, prevent frost heaving as well as prevent subsoil and the structural layers from mixing together. Packing sand, on the other hand, is suitable for less challenging general filling tasks, for example. Naturally, sand is also used for sanding roads.


Macadam is a crushed aggregate made of blasted rock or natural stone, of which the finer aggregates have been screened out. Macadam is used, amongst other things, for subsurface drains, breaks in capillaries or indoor or outdoor filling in a house. It is also used in yards and gardens. Macadam lets water through well, and it does not compact. Finer macadam is suitable for sanding roads or preventing slipperiness.

Aggregates for ballast, asphalt and concrete

We produce high-quality aggregates for our customers. We refine high-quality aggregate products suitable for asphalt, concrete and ballast. We are aware of and meet the quality standards pertaining to different levels of aggregate requirements. In addition to Finland, we deliver uniquely hard aggregates to the Baltic countries.

OKTO® construction products

In addition to natural stone aggregates, we supply quality industrial aggregates, the OKTO® construction products. Made from ferrochrome slag from Outokumpu PLC’s factory in Tornio, the OKTO products are extremely suitable for use in pavements, sub-base and base layers. The special properties of the products include good insulation and load bearing capacity. The products are also suitable for demanding conditions.

Our circular economy services

We provide strong circular economy know-how for a wide range of construction projects. We prefer to get involved in projects already in the early stages in order to achieve the best possible result. Our competence covers the different construction stages from design to implementation, so we can provide services at the different stages of the project. We also conduct the necessary background research to utilise the circular economy and recycled materials in projects. Our circular economy services can help meet the various environmental targets, for example.

Expertise in the use of recycled materials

We offer consulting services regarding the use of recycled materials in accordance with the Government Decree on the Recovery of Certain Wastes in Earth Construction (843/2017) and other legislation. The Government Decree on the Recovery of Certain Wastes in Earth Construction and other regulations enable the use of recycled materials in construction projects – for example, to replace natural materials with recycled materials. We also boast a comprehensive collaboration network for material supply.

Added value to projects with recycled materials

Through reduced emissions and cost-savings, we add value by the use of recycled materials and low-emission concrete products. We create savings by minimising mass transport and reducing waste reception charges. We may suggest the use of recycled materials even for demanding projects, for example, to stabilise low-quality soil or avoid extra transport. Recycled materials are economically more viable and the low-carbon choice.

Help with the mass balance of projects

We design solutions, which make it possible to bind the low-quality soil of the construction project as efficiently as possible using materials obtained from the side streams of industry. Utilising soil from the project makes it possible to minimise the need to use and transport natural materials. Recycled materials and various stabilisation methods also facilitate the use of existing soil.

Our circular economy region supporting recycling

We receive clean soil, blasted rock and concrete in our circular economy regions of Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa. We also receive unloaded asphalt in different parts of Finland. In our regions, it is also possible to search for aggregates for construction to avoid superfluous transport, which is also more environmentally friendly. We are expanding our operations in different parts of Finland and also provide project-specific support for material recycling. Please contact us for more information!

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