Safe and smart traffic solutions

We are an expert of smart, smooth and safe traffic and one of the leading builders and maintainers of road telematics in Finland. With our services, we make traffic smoother, more functional and safer. We serve all road users, including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, and provide up-to-date traffic information and road conditions.

We offer traffic light building and renovation services, telematics systems and services related to their planning and maintenance as well as consultation services. Examples of telematics systems set up by us include, for example, variable speed, warning and information signs, road weather stations, traffic volume counters, and traffic monitoring cameras. Our special areas of expertise include traffic volume calculation solutions, camera applications and telecommunications used in road environments.

The high quality and customer-orientation of our activities is guaranteed by our certified integrated management system. Our services can be scaled according to the various needs of cities, government owned company Fintraffic Tie Oy, ELY Centres, industrial parties and companies.

Traffic light expert services

We offer extensive expert services for planning, building, renovating and maintaining traffic lights. Our services also include the programming of traffic lights, analysis of traffic light systems, telecommunications and camera solutions and electrotechnical planning. We also supervise the electrotechnical construction of traffic lights and make commissioning inspections. We aim to provide users with a high-quality, safe and functional traffic environment. 

Traffic light solutions from planning to maintenance

We oversee the planning,  building and commissioning of new traffic lights and the renovation of existing traffic lights. Our service covers the following:

  • traffic light planning
  • planning and installation of telecommunications and cameras
  • the required devices and cables
  • construction, including civil engineering
  • programming
  • commissioning
  • HALI system
  • maintenance, if needed

We also offer a traffic light system maintenance service. Fault monitoring and repair services keep the traffic light systems in operation at all times. Scheduled maintenance operations prevent faults from occurring. As an additional maintenance service, we also offer an asset management software suite.

Liila counter and projected traffic sign

Cycling and walking are environmentally friendly alternatives compared to various other modes of transport. In Finland, people cycle around the year and cities develop pedestrian and cycle paths in the form of designated bike routes, for instance.

The Liila counter brings traffic volume monitoring to the digital age. Liila projected traffic sign provides cyclists and pedestrians with increased safety in traffic. 

Liila counter stations provide up-to-date information

Our Liila counter makes pedestrian and bike routes even more attractive. The device counts the pedestrians and cyclists using the route, who get to see how many other people have used the route within the same day and in the past year. Cities get to use information about the volumes of road users in their decision-making processes. The digital display of the counter can also be used for other communicative purposes. For example, up-to-date information can be provided to people moving in a certain area.

Liila projected traffic sign increases safety

The challenge for cycling and pedestrian paths in the winter is the darkness, snow and sanding that may make the signs painted on the road hard to see. Liila projected traffic sign marks pedestrian and cyclist lanes by reflecting traffic signs on them, improving the safety of traffic. Illuminated lane markings are visible when painted ones are not and remain visible throughout the year and around the clock.

Traffic volume calculations and studies

We carry out a variety of traffic volume calculations and studies. We select the calculation method on a case-by-case basis for each project. We perform machine-assisted traffic calculations from samples as well as intersection calculations both manually and with machine assistance.  

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