We build people-friendly infrastructure

We design and build infrastructure that improves people’s quality of life. Infrastructure that improves comfort and safety and offers rich, stimulating lives to all of us. Urban environments that are planned for people also reduce the stress on the environment and enable a sustainable lifestyle.

We offer comprehensive services for the entire infrastructure life cycle. We design, build and maintain essential infrastructure, such as electricity networks, bridges, roads and railways. We develop cities as well as telematics and lighting solutions and provide a wide range of services for traffic and infrastructure management.

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Urban construction

We have the experience and competence to build with high quality, even in demanding urban environments. We are at our strongest in multi-faceted projects, and we are adept at different kinds of works from laying foundations to building tracks and from road construction to energy infrastructures. We work both underground and on the surface.

Energy infrastructure

We design, implement and maintain wind and solar power infrastructure, power lines, electricity networks, substations and distribution substations. We implement every construction project, be it more limited or extensive, with a customer-driven approach. We also provide, for example, distribution transformers and light masts as leasing products.

Industrial construction

Our services comprise industrial construction as well as infrastructure, electification and power grid construction services starting from design, which enables clear scheduling and comprehensive quality of the project. We are at our best in demanding and broad projects where we can utilize our versatile expertise. We also design, build and maintain the surrounding infrastructure such as roads and power stations.

Design services

We design roads, streets, bridges and entire areas. We also offer traffic, environmental, geotechnical and rock engineering design services. We take the needs of stakeholders, safety of movement, environmental values and the wider economy into account in our design solutions.

Smart transport solutions

We offer diverse services for the management of infrastructure assets and electric and smart transport. Our services include building and renovating traffic lights, traffic counting solutions and a wide range of condition surveys on the street and road network. We build and maintain electric vehicle charging infrastructure. We also offer diverse design services.

Road services

Our core competence lies in large road and street projects requiring special expertise as well as bridge construction, but we also implement smaller projects with expertise. We offer traffic control services and equipment as well as municipal engineering construction and renovation services. We are also a national constructor and maintainer of road and street lighting.

Railway services

We build and maintain railways. We also have a strong track record in metro and tramway rail construction. We provide railway infrastructure solutions to meet the needs of the increasing railway traffic and growing speeds


We are Finland’s largest road maintenance service provider and a leading maintenance service provider of superstructures and signalling for railways. We offer a wide range of services for year-round maintenance of traffic routes and gravel roads, bridges, traffic environments and railways.

Foundation and rock construction

We offer services for demanding foundation engineering, such as fortification of excavations, concrete structure work, pile driving and base reinforcement as well as fortification and repair of foundations. We plan and construct tunnels and underground facilities. Our services include open cut rock excavation and underground mining, repair and reinforcement and rock facility fittings.

Aggregates and circular economy

We offer CE certified aggregates. We offer solutions to meet aggregate requirements as well as for the recycling of building materials and the reception of clean land. Thanks to our circular economy services, our team can also help with meeting the environmental targets of different types of construction projects.

Sustainable services

We provide various sustainable services and solutions for different stages of infrastructure projects, such as low-carbon site services and emissions accounting. We use low-carbon materials in our projects, such as low-carbon aggregate, and lower-emission energy solutions, such as renewable fuel and electric equipment.