We want to succeed responsibly

We build Finnish society by taking responsibility for people, the environment and society. Responsibility work is a key part of our strategy and everything we do. In addition to ourselves, we also require our partners to act responsibly.

As we grow, we want to do it not only profitably but also sustainably in all respects. We are committed to being a carbon-neutral company by 2030. It is also important for us to be a safe and inspiring workplace for all Destia employees. We pursue our goals in accordance with our values: fairness, togetherness, renewal and success.

We implement our responsibility work comprehensively and take into account occupational health, safety, the environment and quality (HSEQ) in our operations. We are also committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our integrated management system

Our operations are based on a uniform and jointly agreed way of managing and implementing our services, and our operations are guided by our policy and stakeholder requirements. Our integrated management system has been awarded three management system certificates: ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (health and safety). This certified operating method covers all aspects of our business.

The ACT sustainability programme

Our sustainability programme comprises eight commitments covering all of our operations. These commitments include projects and concrete measures that help us promote the sustainability of our operations.

Occupational health and well-being

Our values – fairness, togetherness, renewal and success – are the foundation for our actions and decisions. We strive to ensure a workplace that promotes well-being and equality for all our personnel by listening to them, developing their skills and being a responsible employer.

Occupational safety

We design, build and maintain infrastructure throughout the infrastructure life cycle. Each job and working environment has their unique risks and stress factors. We want to guarantee safe working environment for all our employees and subcontractors working at our sites, and also ensure the traffic safety of road users.


We build environmentally friendly infrastructure that serves people and businesses. We take nature values into consideration and operate sustainably. We engage in systematic efforts to improve our eco-efficiency, minimise environmental impacts and conserve biodiversity. We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality in terms of our own emissions by 2030 and being climate positive by 2035.


We strive for satisfied customers and continuous improvement. We ensure the consistent, high quality of our projects by using uniform ways of working project management procedures while also taking into account the customer’s individual needs. We continuously develop our solutions so that our customers can achieve their objectives in a sustainable and competitive manner.

Learn more about our sustainable services

We wish to promote sustainable practices in the industry and help our customers achieve their carbon neutrality goals, as well. We provide various sustainable services and solutions for different stages of infrastructure projects, such as low-carbon site services and emissions accounting. We use low-carbon materials in our projects, such as low-carbon aggregate, and lower-emission energy solutions, such as renewable fuel and electric equipment.