Foundation engineering

Foundation engineering in challenging conditions

Today, construction largely takes place in city centres and in the vicinity of their existing structures. As urban construction becomes denser, laying foundations for buildings becomes a challenge as the good construction locations are already in use. Extending the life cycle of existing buildings by reinforcing their foundations is also an important part of construction. With expert foundation engineering, it is possible to construct even in demanding locations or, for example, lay foundations on soft ground.

Thanks to our expertise, experience and network of specialists, we perform all types of foundation engineering jobs in Finland, Sweden and Norway. We implement projects from piling to anchoring and from piling walls to excavation projects. Depending on the customer’s needs and requirements, we can provide anything from project planning to turnkey services. We can reinforce foundations, including load transfer structures, even in tight spaces, such as cellars or underground car parks. We ensure the functionality and long service life of the structures through quality design and careful implementation.

We use cutting-edge technologies, for example, by means of work machine automation. Our pile-driving machine is equipped with precise positioning devices and control systems with which operators can use 3D digital design information. This ensures real-time information flow between design and implementation.

Excavation projects

When it comes to excavation projects, the key to success are the innovative solutions our expert designers come up with together with our foundation engineering professionals. We implement underground facilities, high buildings, trough-shaped structures, bridges and railways. We realise excavation projects even in challenging conditions, and we like to get involved in projects already at the design stage. 

We can implement, e.g. piling walls, anchors, anchor beams (including enclosures), root pegging, root beams and jet grouting as a whole. At our disposal, we have one of the most comprehensive sets of excavation equipment in the country.

Piling walls, anchoring and rock grouting

Sheet pile walls

Excavations performed on soft ground or cramped construction sites require sheet pile walls for support. On soft ground, we primarily use traditional piling hammers. We also carry out piling jobs using a variable frequency piling hammer, which is especially suitable for tighter and more challenging soil types. The risk of damage arising from vibration to nearby foundations and structures is lower. Sheet pile walls can be erected for the duration of the work or on a permanent basis.

Bored pile walls

We build bored pile walls by drilling locked bored piles to create an integrated wall structure. They are suitable for piling walls required in exceptionally challenging terrain and especially for piling wall structures, which are subject to a vertical load in addition to a horizontal load. The location deviations of a bored pile wall are minor compared to a traditional sheet pile wall. The cost-benefits of a bored pile wall come to the fore especially when it becomes part of the final structure.

Drill pile wall

A drill pile wall is used for support during work especially in rocky terrain, which may be too hard for a sheet pile wall. Drill pile walls are implemented using a steel sheet or wood lagging installed between iron beams or bored piles. We always carry out the work according to a plan drawn up specifically for the site in question.


If necessary, a piling wall is horizontally supported on several levels. We can carry out earth or rock anchoring using either strand anchors or bar anchors. We can also perform anchoring on permanent structures, such as base plates, wind power plant foundations or high buildings. The anchors can be installed for the duration of the work or permanently.

Our equipment is suitable for installing anchors of different size categories, including difficult conditions, such as tight spaces. We will perform the required water pressure tests, grouting, open drilling and tensioning work needed for the anchoring.


Grouting enables existing structures to be strengthened, reinforced and sealed. Grouting is performed, for example, to strengthen rock or earth or to lengthen the useful life of an existing structure. Our most commonly used method is cement grouting. However, our equipment is also able to grout other materials, such as epoxy. We drill the grouting holes and perform the grouting using our own equipment.

Jet grouting

Jet grouting ensures the water tightness of excavations, if necessary, both at the foot of the sheet pile wall and at points of discontinuity. In addition, jet grouting can also be used to reinforce the ground and foundations.


The piling solutions we offer include both pile driving and bored pile driving. We specialise in the implementation of caisson piles, which are used, for example, in bridge foundations.

Pile driving

We perform pile driving using reinforced concrete and steel piles. We have access to hydraulic blocks as well as hydraulic and compressed air hammers, and our equipment is suitable for piles of many different sizes. 

In the right circumstances, reinforced concrete piles are a cost-effective choice. We also perform steel piling, which is a suitable option for the foundations of nearly all buildings and constructs. Its advantages include smaller installation equipment, less vibration and a lower risk of damage to the pile in rocky ground. If required, we can ensure the carrying capacity of the piles using PDA measurements.

Bored pile driving

The bored pile driving method makes it possible to drill piles into challenging soil types with a high rock and boulder content. The method achieves good location accuracy even if the rock surface is inclined under the layers of soil.  Bored pile driving causes a minimal disruption on the existing structures. We perform bored pile driving using nearly all available bored pile types, including pipe piles, steel-core piles and grouted bored piles.

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