Environmental planning

A more sustainable world with environmental planning

We are all responsible for the well-being of the environment and for the future generations’ prospects of good quality living circumstances. All dimensions of sustainability are premises in our designs. We design living environments where risks have been minimised and human activities and the nature are in balance.

Our clients are municipalities, cities, the FTIA, ELY Centres, companies and private persons. Our projects vary form preliminary reports and plans to engineering and final engineering plans, guidance for maintenance works and follow-up of project impacts. From our multisectoral group of experts, we always assemble the best team to ensure a high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective result to our clients. Our tools, software and datasets are always up to date. We are active developers of guidelines for infrastructure planning and design.

Assessing environmental impacts

When assessing wide environmental, cultural and social impacts, we take into account also future changes of circumstances. The significance of the impacts as well as the means to reduce or mitigate the impacts are included in our assessment reports.

We provide for our clients environmental plans and reports, statements of sufficiency of bridge opening and permit applications in accordance with the Water Act, the Environmental Protection Act and the Land Extraction Act.

Mitigating adverse impacts of noise

Assessing levels of traffic and industrial noise and vibrations and mitigating adverse impacts is important for enjoyable living circumstances in urban areas. We model traffic and industrial noise levels using the CadnaA software. Noise levels are generally presented as emission distribution maps and facade noise levels. We also create layout plans of noise barriers and design noise barriers architecture and structures.

Storm water management solutions

For storm water management plans we determine the quantities and flow paths of storm waters using hydraulic and hydrological simulations. Storm water quality and quantity management plans include technical, biological and ecological measures. Our projects vary from detailed block-level plans to extensive areal plans. We take into account the feasibility of the planned measures, needs of the future residents and environmental requirements of the area. We promote solution that are good for diversity of the nature and for sustainability of communal planning.

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