Occupational safety

We always aim for zero accidents at our sites. We want to guarantee safe working environment for all our employees and subcontractors working at our sites, and also ensure the traffic safety of road users. Taking care of safety is part of our daily work. Every Destia employee is responsible for performing their duties safely and looking after their co-workers’ safety so that our sites are safe and healthy places to work on.

Occupational safety management is part of our integrated management system, which has been awarded the international ISO 45001 certificate for occupational health and safety management. Our operations are guided by our safety policy and supplementary guidelines. By following predefined processes, our operations are systematic and take into account work-related risks and stress factors. We require that our subcontractors commit to the same strict safety standards as we do.

Our occupational health and safety policy

A safe and healthy work environment is a shared priority for us.

  • We identify and anticipate risks. We manage the risks systematically by taking timely action.
  • We take into account individual working methods and the factors arising from the various operating practices in our organisation and our cooperation network (human factors and organisational factors / HOF).
  • We commit to the goals we set. We develop procedures and tools that enable the achievement of our goals.
  • We address problems actively and without delay.
  • We operate responsibly in accordance with our values. We expect the same from our stakeholders.
  • We see to the work ability and well-being of our employees through regular monitoring and active development measures.

Everyone at Destia is committed to operating safely and in a manner that promotes collective well-being, taking into account the expectations, requirements and needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Our customer-driven approach produces high-quality services.

Project-specific safety planning

Our business is project-oriented, which means that we work in changing and varying circumstances. In addition to our common safety procedures, we consider project-specific safety issues first from the perspective of the entire project and then examine them in more detail for each phase of the project as the project goes on.

As many of our projects are carried out along traffic routes, traffic safety is a particular priority for us. We plan and implement traffic arrangements that increase the safety of vehicle traffic, our employees and, if necessary, railway traffic at our sites. We ensure traffic safety during maintenance work by, for example, having markings of high quality on the equipment and correctly timing the work.