Bridge and concrete construc­tion

Faster and more cost-effective bridge projects

A critical part of the road and railway network, bridges connect people, goods and traffic. The most stunning bridges are also famous landmarks, like the Laitaatsalmi bridge we built in Savonlinna. We have been constructing bridges for hundreds of years – and we have been developing bridge-building practices for just as long.

We construct and repair bridges of all sizes from challenging waterway bridges to standard road bridges. In bridge construction, we use the methods we have developed, for example, with regard to the foundation methods, formwork technologies as well as the concreting of structures. Our methods enable us to execute bridge projects faster and more cost-effectively.

We have been a strong presence in the development of the data modelling and 3D design of bridges. Thanks to a cloud-based system and digitalisation, all parties of the contract are able to view the progress of the model-based designs in real time, with fast change management. Modelling also enables us to conduct quantity surveys and work planning in the implementation of difficult structures.

Bridge inspections and maintenance

The general, yearly and special inspections related to the design and maintenance of bridges are our area of expertise. Thanks to systematic inspections and maintenance, the bridges remain safe for traffic and meet the traffic requirements far into the future.

Our bridge maintenance contracts span over several years and include various maintenance and repair tasks. In addition, our road maintenance contracts include annual bridge maintenance tasks, including washing and cleaning.

Piers and port facilities

The construction of piers and port facilities requires a wide range of competencies, such as underwater working methods. We implement projects comprehensively by combining our competencies in our different service areas, such as foundation engineering, concrete construction and field engineering. Amongst other things, we construct and repair ferry berths, pier structures and even entire harbour areas.

Structural engineering for industrial operators

We perform demanding design and construction tasks for production facilities, power plants and the mining industry. They require structural engineering, which involves designs based on strength calculations. We build and repair concrete structures such as underground car parks, water towers, pumping stations, tunnels as well as raw material processing and storage solutions. We have also implemented containment tanks and protective structures for challenging sites.

We can also help industrial operators find a suitable location for their operations or develop industrial areas.

Repair of bridges and other concrete structures

The owners of structures must maintain the concrete structures for them to comply with the safety and quality requirements and meet user expectations. To preserve the value of the asset as well as manage its life cycle and costs, concrete structures must be refurbished and repaired systematically and on a regular basis.

We have long experience of repairing challenging bridge and concrete structures. We have the Finnish RALA K1+ certificate, which entitles us to repair large and difficult structures. We have the required skills to repair challenging waterway and railway bridges as well as historical stone bridges. Our services cover all work stages included in the repair of concrete structures as well as the methods requiring design and special know-how, such as carbon fibre reinforcement.

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Two of Finland’s largest concrete bridges in Laitaatsalmi

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