Electric vehicle charging

Tomorrow’s infrastructure enables environmentally friendly transport

Traffic is going electric at a rapid pace and it is more common for consumers and professional drivers alike to opt for an electric vehicle. As a result, electric vehicle charging is becoming an increasingly important part of the traffic infrastructure.

At Destia, we have a sense of infrastructure and we use it to build tomorrow’s infrastructure. We want to make the electrification of businesses and commercial traffic as easy as possible with regard to charging electric vehicles. Our product range includes AC and DC chargers as well as the electrical infrastructure required for charging, including the distribution substation. We have the most comprehensive service and maintenance network in Finland, and we are able to manage even extensive charging networks efficiently throughout the year without any quality deviations.

Our service packages are always tailored to the customer’s needs. We can provide our customers with a comprehensive solution or parts of the whole. In addition to a one-time investment, we offer leasing and charging as a service options.

Electric charging as a comprehensive solution or as individual parts

1. Charging consulting and placement design

Placement design is about finding the optimal location for the charging system.

2. Site review/preliminary survey

We find out the state of the current electricity infrastructure and assess the opportunities for charging electric vehicles. Based on the review, we will draw up a budget offer.

3. Design

We will design the charging system based on the results of the preliminary survey. If the current electrical system does not enable electric vehicle charging, we will come up with a suggestion regarding changes to the electrical system.

4. Construction and deployment

We will implement the planned changes to the electrical system as well as build the cable routes and cabling. We will install and deploy the charging equipment, after which we will test the operation of the system and perform the hand-over.

5. Project management

We will take care of the building of the charging system in accordance with project management quality and safety standards.

6. Maintenance and service

We will maintain and repair the equipment pursuant to the agreement. The services we offer include, for example, 24/7 customer service, annual equipment maintenance and troubleshooting based on the response times.

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