Strategic transport systems

Road, railway, water and air transport systems have a significant impact on the economy, security of supply and society in general: infrastructure keeps people, goods and services on the move. We offer our expertise in the strategic development of transport systems and analysing the operating environment of the future.

Our services include strategic studies related to the different areas of transport systems, logistics and business life. We also create support materials for infrastructure investments, provide expert statements and address media enquiries about transport and infrastructure. Destia has an extensive network of experts who can offer services throughout the infrastructure life cycle from strategic surveys to planning, construction and maintenance.

We promote the operating conditions of the economy and society in cooperation with public organisations, such as government agencies, ministries, chambers of commerce and other representative associations as well as municipalities, cities and business associations.

We interact with leading experts from different sectors directly and, for instance, through workshop activities. We refine existing information and generate new information with our own expert work. We apply methods of future prediction and data and spatial data analysis to explore the operating environment and establish possible future scenarios for the transport system.

Developer of transport systems of the future

We analyse road, railway, water and air transport systems with particular interest in the phenomena of the operating environment that affect the demand and supply of transport services, energy solutions and the preconditions for various transport systems. Regarding the operability and development needs of infrastructure, we take transport fluency, safety, economy and sustainable development into account.

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Strategic Transport Systems

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Strategic Transport Systems

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