The ACT sustainability programme

We are committed to the comprehensive development of sustainability through our ACT programme. The ACT programme comprises eight sustainability commitments, covering all of our operations. ACT is short for Act and Commit Together.

1. We offer our customers and users solutions that meet the challenges of sustainable development in local communities

In order to provide our customers with an opportunity to promote their carbon neutrality targets, we provide various sustainable services and solutions, such as low-carbon site services and emissions accounting. We use low-carbon materials in our projects, such as low-carbon aggregate, and lower-emission energy solutions, such as renewable fuel and electric equipment.

2. We roll out a low carbon and biodiversity strategy to preserve the planet

We take nature values into consideration in our operations and operate responsibly and sustainably. We engage in systematic efforts to improve our eco-efficiency, minimise the environmental impacts of our operations and conserve biodiversity.

3. We promote circular economy solutions to preserve natural resources.

The circular economy provides new business opportunities and reduces the environmental impact of construction. It is a key area of our responsibility, and we use recycled materials in construction as much as possible. We make more precise use of, and aim to recycle, all construction materials, and also prevent the creation of waste.

4. We reduce the impact of our activities to bolster acceptability.

We make our sustainability operations more efficient by developing our operating methods and thereby reducing the negative effects of our operations. Our consistent way of working is the very cornerstone of sustainability. At the core of the fourth commitment are the integrated management system, audits, reporting and monitoring.

5. We attract, develop and retain talent through managerial excellence

People are at the core of our operations. It is important to us that our people are satisfied and develop their skills at work, and that their work-life balance is healthy. We listen to our personnel through various surveys and offer them opportunities to develop in the direction they want, for example, through career and competence development discussions, coaching and training opportunities. Our success is based on our corporate culture, which is built on our values: fairness, togetherness, renewal and success.

6. We foster a stronger health and safety culture to protect lives.

We always aim for zero accidents at our sites. Through cooperation and the responsible actions of all employees, we aim to guarantee a safe and healthy working environment for everyone who works at our sites. We address safety issues without delay and require that our subcontractors commit to the same strict safety standards as we do.

7. We build a responsible supply chain rooted in sustainable performance.

We carry out most of our projects in cooperation with professional subcontractors and suppliers of materials. To complete the agreed work, the entire supplier chain is responsible for operations. In projects, every one of us is responsible for a high-quality work performance and all companies complying with the joint agreements and Destia’s values. Sustainable procurement enables the success of our projects.

8. We shape an exemplary culture of ethics and compliance.

Our operations are based on our values, our company’s ethical guidelines and the compliance rules of our Group. The compliance rules cover topics including anti-corruption, conflicts of interest and competition law. Adherence to the shared rules is required not only from our entire personnel but also from partners.