Landscape and urban space design

Everyone is entitled to an inspiring and calming living environment, such as a high-quality urban space in a city centre, a safe playground or a forest path in a recreational area. We design comfortable environments that are sustainably implemented and maintained and take into account the unique and local features and values of the area and the users’ needs. We always strive to introduce some original, distinct elements to our work, which underline the spirit of the place.

Our projects include landscape plans and urban designs of playgrounds, sports facilities, residential yards, market squares and other public urban environments. We prepare plans and designs of urban parks, recreational areas and green spaces in conjunction with other urban infrastructure. Our projects include strategic plans, layout plans, engineering plans, final engineering plans and guidance for maintenance works.

Environmentally sustainable solutions

Our living environment faces various challenges, such as the consequences of climate change and extreme weather conditions. Protecting the biodiversity and promoting circular economy are increasingly vital premises of planning, design and construction. Our plans and designs take into consideration the means to minimise negative effects on the environment and implement solutions that bring more benefits while using fewer resources without cutting corners in terms of comfort and functionality. For example saving existing trees and plants, on-site improving of the substrate and reusing the paving stones and other stone structures.

Design for the benefit of the users’

Our customers include cities and municipalities, businesses, ELY Centres and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. We work in close cooperation with the customer and the project’s stakeholders in order for the design to serve future users as well as possible. We carry out the required analyses and surveys and review different alternatives as well as the preliminary costs.

For landscape design and environmental planning, we use AutoCad, Microstation and Vectorworks as well as geographic information systems. We also contribute to the development of BIM of landscape planning and design and also to the general development work of the landscape planning sector.

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A new appearance and attractiveness for a culturally and historically valuable landscape park

Play and exercise at the Kiviniemenranta neighbourhood sports park

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