Rock construc­tion

Special competence and equipment our strengths in rock construction

As the urban structure becomes denser, the need for rock excavation is constantly increasing both on the surface and underground. There is an increasing number of tunnels and underground car parks being constructed in the major cities. We are Finland’s leading rock construction specialists, both in terms of more challenging property rock excavation tasks and projects involving large masses. We specialise in rock excavation work and special tasks performed at demanding sites, such as hospital and railway environments.

Our comprehensive infrastructure expertise, which covers everything from design to implementation and maintenance, enables a high quality result and an implementation method that best suits the customer’s needs, from project management contracts to quick and cost-effective Design and Build contracts. We are also happy to sell our services for subcontracting projects.

Technology and automation to support implementation

We ensure that the work is performed cost-effectively and on schedule by using cutting-edge technologies for designing and performing the work. We are constantly investing in development in terms of methods, digital data management, environmental friendliness and safety.

For the applicable work stages, we use model-based work design and quality assurance performed by machine automation. Actual measurement performed by machine control enables real-time documentation as well as the real-time monitoring of results and progress.

We ensure the resources and security of supply for all of our sites with our own drilling and reinforcement equipment. If necessary, we use subcontracting to complement our own resources.

Open cut rock excavation

Special and precision rock excavation

We carry out rock excavation tasks in challenging locations that require special advance planning, preparations and precision with vibrations – such as urban centres, hospital environments, railways environments and in the vicinity of underground facilities. When rock excavating, we use detonation or, if necessary, non-explosive methods, which means that the rock excavation does not result in vibrations. We are adept at the most commonly used techniques, including digital detonator caps, wedging, crack drilling and sawing as well as Autostem rock excavation. We can also take part in the field testing of new methods.

Population centre and road rock excavation

We offer open cut rock excavation services related to foundation engineering, municipal engineering construction as well as the construction of roads or population centres. We implement mass rock excavation in road projects where we have to excavate millions of cubic metres. We are also happy to offer larger packages, such as the transport of blasted rock, embanking or other foundation engineering work, such as piling walls or pile driving.

We also implement rock excavation in the proximity to railway areas as a comprehensive service together with our Railway Services. This enables us to carry out technical railway tasks meeting the licence and safety requirements.


We excavate in our and our customers’ aggregate areas efficiently and with due consideration for the quality requirements of the aggregate. We can produce blasted rock for various purposes, such as track ballast or large boulders for marine filling.


Shaft sites

We implement underground vertical shafts, such as lift shafts, exit routes and technical shafts. These tasks we implement as surface rock excavation from smaller to larger and from shallow to deep shafts. If necessary, we can also take care of shaft reinforcement and construction.

Underground tunnel facilities

We plan, construct and renovate tunnels and underground facilities, such as parking areas and civil defence shelters. Thanks to our broad skill set, if necessary, we can also perform concrete work, municipal engineering as well as HPAC and electrical engineering work.

Repair and reinforcement

We can also reinforce and seal both underground and surface rock structures, repair old underground rock facilities as well as change the purpose of use thereof. When it comes to repairing rock cuttings along busy routes, we can also carry out traffic diversion services from planning to implementation. We also implement repairs in railway areas, both in tunnels and open cuts.

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