Maintenance services ensure safe and smooth traffic

We are a versatile expert in maintenance services. Our strengths are the most reliable weather and road weather forecasts, experienced and skilled personnel and modern working methods and equipment. Our services cover the winter maintenance of traffic routes and the surrounding areas, as well as the maintenance of gravel roads, bridges and the traffic environment in general.

Our well-timed, efficient operations create the preconditions for safe and smooth flow of traffic around the clock and throughout the year. We have strong practical experience in winter conditions and the winter maintenance of roads, so we know how to take pre-emptive maintenance action before any problematic conditions arise.

We offer long-term service contracts for roads and traffic environments to ensure suitable traffic conditions continuously and cost-effectively.

Do you have any feedback about road maintenance?

Would you like to give feedback on road maintenance? There are separate feedback channels for highways, municipalities and cities. Browse the channels and frequently asked questions about maintenance services.

Road maintenance contracts

The regional contracts for Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency consist of sites where the contractor is responsible for the year-round maintenance of the region’s highways. The duration of these contracts is usually 5 years. The regional contracts involve winter maintenance, gravel road maintenance, and traffic environment maintenance, including the maintenance of green areas, drainage systems, traffic signs and other devices and structures. We perform the maintenance work according to the quality criteria set by the clients.

Regional contracts for municipalities and cities

In addition to ensuring the safety of traffic, the aim of regional contracts for municipalities and cities is to provide an attractive urban environment that brings joy to the residents of the city. These regional contracts involve, for example, winter maintenance and cleaning services and the maintenance of structures, equipment, fixtures, playgrounds, sports areas, planted areas and parks.

We are currently carrying out regional contracts, for example, in Turku, Helsinki, Lahti and Kuopio.

Industrial regional contracts

In industrial regional contracts, the safety of the industrial area and the around-the-clock flow of traffic and logistics required by industry are particularly important. Even minor interruptions and accidents can cause major damage to employees, the environment and the ability to generate results. The contents and demands of contracts vary, but they typically involve winter maintenance, cleaning and green area maintenance work. We provide tailored services according to the needs and demands of our customers.

Private roads from planning to implementation

Every year, we carry out dozens of private road renovation projects, control the dust from gravel roads and deliver aggregates to gravel roads and construction sites. The basic renovation and maintenance of private roads combines our own extensive expertise with the strengths of our local partners. We are a responsible turnkey deliverer and provide high-quality planning, construction, maintenance and project management services as well as material deliveries at a competitive price.

Winter Maintenance Management Centre services

The better we can anticipate weather and road weather, the better we can affect the road conditions and reduce traffic incidents. The Winter Maintenance Management Centre, operated by Destia and the Finnish Meteorological Institute, provides an alerting and weather service and supports our maintenance services. Furthermore, the centre provides alerting and weather services to municipalities, cities, housing companies and other parties who need information about the weather and road weather.

Become a subcontractor

We perform maintenance work with local service providers. Do you want to be our next subcontractor?