Road construction

Road and waterway construction with expertise and experience

Thanks to its broad competence and long experience, Destia is capable of implementing demanding large-scale projects, including design services, in addition to small local projects.

Its operation is based on an effective project-based policy. Destia has been using the ”Design and Build” procurement model in the construction and maintenance of roads in the last few years. For Destia's customers, this means even more customised solutions. In new major traffic route construction projects, procurements also include life cycle models. The services provided in such projects include not only design and implementation, but also the maintenance and financing of traffic routes.


Destia’s experts know how to construct water supply systems (water supply, sewage and storm-water sewer networks) as part of traditional road and street construction services that Destia offers to municipalities and cities, for example.

Traffic direction service

Destia’s Traffic Direction Services offer a comprehensive service from the planning of traffic arrangements during work on roads and streets to their implementation and maintenance. The key factors affecting our solutions are occupational and traffic safety, the fluency of traffic and the progress of the customer’s work on schedule.

Complete traffic direction services are:

  • traffic direction planning
  • the implementation of traffic arrangement with traffic direction equipment
  • the organisation of the necessary provision of information

Other traffic direction services are:

  • temporary and permanent road signs
  • the erection, repair and removal of signal boards, portals and traffic signals
  • information boards at construction sites
  • traffic direction manually or with movable traffic lights
  • lifting and lifting cage work
  • the maintenance and on-call services of traffic arrangements
  • the rental of traffic control equipment: concrete barriers (200 kg–1,800 kg), collision prevention vehicle, traffic signals, protective railings (e.g. Miniguard), fences, lane indicator trailers, traffic lights, etc.