Railway work for the entire life cycle of the track

The proper condition of the railway network is a basic prerequisite for safety and smooth traffic. Freight transport train capacity requirements and the need for higher speeds in passenger traffic increase the need for railway line development and maintenance.

Our railway network services cover the entire life cycle of track maintenance throughout Finland. The railway work we carry out varies from demanding superstructure contracts over many kilometres to smaller bridge-, culvert- and mass-changing works. Destia is responsible for 50% of Finland’s 12 railway network maintenance areas.

We also have solid experience of renewing and upgrading linesides and railway yards. Extensive superstructure renewal projects include changing the ballast bed, sleepers and rails, as well as related electric rail and safety equipment work.

Multi-year service agreements are implemented on the condition responsibility principle. We have access to a broad range of equipment for the construction, repair and maintenance of railway lines, developed innovatively to address different types of customer needs.

A wide range of railway construction services

Destia’s range of services comprises a broad selection of railway construction functions, including geometric planning, surveying, track material procurement, superstructure work, different substructure work and tunnel repairs.

Superstructure work:

  • rail installation, repairs of rails and rail welding
  • ballast bed construction, macadam, sweeping and design
  • support of tracks and points
  • installation of line blocks and points blocks
  • installation and changing of points
  • construction of track equipment and devices, including level-crossing decks, cable routes and rail barriers

Substructure work:

  • earthworks
  • subgrade strengthening
  • drying
  • frost insulations

Safety equipment work:

  • level crossing installations
  • access controls
  • safety protection
  • track circuits
  • earthing

Railway network maintenance – the foundation of safe railway traffic

Destia offers a comprehensive range of track maintenance services. Our services include condition inspections, different track maintenance work and track environment maintenance work, changing sleepers and rails, tamping work, servicing of track equipment and snow-clearing work.

Our services in track maintenance:

  • condition inspections
  • replacement of sleepers and rails
  • support work
  • maintenance of rail equipment
  • removal of snow
  • maintenance of rails
  • maintenance of blocks and rail mountings
  • maintenance of track insulation
  • maintenance of level crossings
  • maintenance of track signs
  • maintenance of railway bridges
  • maintenance of platforms, station areas and linesides
  • maintenance of the control and safety equipment in track areas
  • maintenance of turnouts
  • maintenance of safety equipment
  • filling of ballast beds, changing, snow removal, sweeping and profiling