Traffic planning and traffic safety

Traffic plans and traffic safety plans tailored to the customer

We offer our customers diverse expertise in traffic- and traffic safety planning. The foundation of our planning work is interactiveness, being familiar with the customer’s environment and understanding the needs of people moving in traffic. The foundation of our solutions is the safety of the user, level of service and feasibility. Our customers include local government, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, the Finnish Transport Agency Trafi and private companies. According to customer needs, we provide services from small details to area level, from individual company to company area level, from municipal to national level and on a level of traffic system hubs and links.

Our services include joint planning coordination, reports on area reservations and feasibility, preliminary and general plans, plans for sustainable and safe transport, traffic safety plans, traffic control reports, impact assessments, functionality surveys, modelling and simulations, traffic plans, traffic system planning, road safety assessments, link studies, operator services for continuing traffic safety work and the processing of initiatives as an aid to the authorities. 

Diverse digital tools at our disposal

We have at our disposal a wide range of traffic simulation and modelling software (EMME, SimTraffic/Synchro and Paramics), geographic information software (ESRI’s range of software), our own geographic information services (iLIITU, Destia’s geographic information portal, extensive geographic information materials), CAD-based software and other key traffic- and traffic safety planning tools. For our planning projects, we carry out the necessary traffic and mobility studies and we organise the required questionnaires and user panels. 

An active developer of road safety

We are active developers of traffic planning and traffic safety planning and we have a great influence on them. To address our customers’ needs, we have developed an Internet-based traffic safety service, iLIITU, where customers can browse on maps accidents that have taken place in Finland, identify critical points in the traffic network and maintain action plans. Our traffic safety auditor is an accredited TEN (Trans-European Network)-network traffic safety auditor. We serve as organisers of Trafi’s TEN-network road safety auditors’ training in Finland.