Road, street and field design

A specialist in road, street and field design for a wide range of infrastructure projects

Road, street and field design is one of our key fields of expertise. The expertise of our designers can be seen all over Finland in demanding projects that have been implemented. Our most common design targets are new town planning districts, renovation projects, area planning such as school grounds and traffic terminals, public roads, water supply and municipal engineering for sparsely populated areas.

In our design solutions, we take into account the needs of different stakeholders, safe mobility, environmental values and overall economy. We are also a pioneer in the information model-based design of roads, and we have participated closely in joint development projects in the sector.

The significance of storm water management has increased greatly in recent years. The design systems and expertise that we have at our disposal enable, among other things, a visual way of examining storm water flows and height levels, for example in storm water drains or basins.

Our services related to road, street, area and water supply design include:

  • general, road and construction plans under the Road Act
  • general, street and construction plans for streets, districts and squares
  • area reservation plans, action surveys, idea plans
  • general and construction plans for lighting
  • general and construction plans for water supply
  • general and construction plans for technical networks (heating, electricity)
  • general and construction plans for signposting and traffic management
  • information modelling as a whole
  • logging road inspections
  • temporary traffic arrangements during roadworks
  • site service functions