Rock construction

Special competence and equipment assets in rock construction

Underground construction is increasing in growth centres, and infrastructure projects more commonly also involve the construction of tunnels. The third sector where quarrying expertise is needed is the mining industry.

Together with its broad partner network, Destia plans, designs and constructs tunnels and underground facilities (parking areas, goods and freight stations, civil defence shelters). Destia’s other infrastructure expertise helps it to implement rock construction projects, so it can furnish underground sites with municipal engineering and electricity, for instance.

Destia offers open pit mining and underground mining services as well as rock construction services through its partners. Thanks to its overall infrastructure expertise, Destia can choose an implementation method that optimally meets the customer’s requirements, ranging from project management to fast, cost-effective Design and Build projects.

Open pit mining

Destia implements the open mining required in foundation engineering, municipal engineering and road line cuttings.

Crushed aggregate mining and underground mining

Destia implements the open pit mining tasks needed in mines. Destia is also capable of building the mining area infrastructure, including roads, railway lines, municipal engineering and electrical installations.