Foundation and field engineering

Foundation and field engineering utilising latest technology

Roads, streets and other earth structures consist of excavations and structural layers of varying thickness, which Destia implements according to plans. We implement all earth structures using effective machines and transportation equipment. Careful, high-quality implementation ensures that the structures withstand the test of time and functionality.

Destia exploits the most recent technologies introduced in the field, for example machine automation. Earth construction machines are controlled using the most accurate GPS positioning and control system with digital 3D-model design. Machine automation improves the efficiency and quality of the work: surveying information is available all over the structural layers and cuttings under construction.

Earth construction essentially involves different types of concrete structures, erosion protections and landscaping. Nowadays an important element in the construction of roads, yard areas and sports areas is landscape architecture. We have sound, awarded expertise in the implementation of demanding landscape plans.

Foundation engineering

In Finland, foundation engineering is often challenging due to varying base conditions. Bedrock areas and weak soils vary frequently. All road projects usually involve quarrying, embankment fills, soil replacements and pile driving.

The most demanding foundation projects usually involve the foundations and embankments of bridges, in which the foundation techniques we use include pile foundations, drilled piles and deep stabilisation.

Environmental construction

Environmental construction is a special field of construction requiring great skill. As a responsible builder of the whole living environment, we take into account environmental perspectives. Our range of services is extensive, from the restoration of contaminated areas of land to the construction of parks and recreational areas.

Restoration of contaminated areas

In spite of strict control measures applied to the use of harmful chemicals, accidents and leaks to the soil cannot be completely avoided. It is important to clean contaminated areas in order to protect the environment and prevent any further damage. Also when the purpose of use of an area changes, the area must often be restored before it can be taken into use.

The right tools and methods are needed in order to restore contaminated areas. The protection of groundwater must also be taken care of during work, as well as the final disposal of contaminated soil. Destia has experience of the restoration of challenging sites.

Protective construction

From a point of view of our living environment, the protection of groundwater is important. In protective construction, special attention must be paid to the prevailing conditions and to determining the required level of protection. In addition to groundwater protection solutions in road environments, we build protective basins and protective constructions for demanding end-users such as industrial customers. Destia’s geodesign team includes the most experienced designers of protection solutions in Finland.

Landfill construction

Landfill construction, whether the construction of a new landfill or the closing down of an existing one, calls for special expertise. Destia is the leading actor in Finland in both these tasks. Destia also knows how to control the recovery of landfill gas and build structures connected with it.