Engineer construction

Development and utilisation of new methods in engineer construction

Destia implements bridge construction and repairs from demanding large-scale projects to traditional basic bridges. It has expertise in the renovation of demanding water-crossing bridges, railway bridges and museum bridges, for example.

Destia also uses the methods it has developed for the construction and repair of bridges. It has taken out a patent for a method that speeds up bridge renovation work and essentially reduces the time needed for repairing bridge deck structures. To facilitate bridge repair work and the implementation of the various work phases, Destia is constantly looking for new methods for use in mould technology and structural reinforcements, for example.

Destia has also been developing information modelling for 3D bridge design, site operations and amount calculations.

Bridge inspection and maintenance

Destia has special expertise in bridge design and the general, annual and special inspections connected with the maintenance of bridges. With the help of systematic maintenance, bridges will maintain their traffic safety and meet traffic requirements for years to come. Destia has access to the most sophisticated bridge maintenance methods and tools. It maintains and looks after most of the road bridges in Finland.

industrial construction

As a leading expert in the field of infrastructure, we offer our extensive expertise to the field of industrial construction.

We can flexibly create your desired complex or a part thereof, from planning all the way to maintenance. We offer our expertise for the start-up of mining operations, production plants and power plants, among other things. We also carry out projects with our partners.

We serve our customers regionally. Our strong regional presence ensures an efficient operating model for construction and the anticipation of changes in the operating environment. We take into account the needs of the customers and we find the best solutions for them at all stages of the project.

Harbour structures

Harbour construction calls for special expertise, including the mastery of underwater working methods. Among other things, Destia constructs and renovates quay structures in harbour areas.