Road condition management

Destia has the prerequisites to measure road information

Road condition management is based on more than 20 years of mostly inspecting the condition of surfacings through groove data, unevenness and surface damage. The indicators used find from the road network places where grooves or unevenness are excessive.

We usually talk about 100-metre sections in poor condition or sections added together in a certain network of an area or road class. They lay the foundations for maintenance work, crudely showing the effects of traffic or climate on the road, but they do not reveal interaction between the vehicle and the road, nor the key mechanisms of their interaction – driving feel, driving stability, vehicle manoeuvrability, stress on the road or the capacity of the road to withstand stress.

Destia’s Product Manager Pertti Virtala is known for his long career in the development of data systems to support the operational planning of road maintenance. Destia has researched information about the actual condition of traffic routes and the dynamics of vehicles. Destia now has the prerequisites to measure road information, add to it information on different models of vehicles using the road and to calculate how they will behave.

“Road maintenance organisations extensively measure their road networks with instrumented measuring equipment, and they collect a great deal of data, but in connection with this they don’t really use information about vehicles and their behaviour. The automotive industry, on the other hand, uses complex models and effective calculation methods to improve suspension, anti-skid properties and other solutions, but they don’t really use the right road information. By combining this expertise, the road maintenance organisations can examine how a car will behave on the road and get a much better picture of the road’s characteristics, which are directly linked to safety, driving comfort, driving economy and maintenance economy, or to those general goals that are ultimately targeted in road maintenance,” says Virtala.