Road network surveys

Competent personnel, sophisticated equipment and a broad co-operation network a guarantee of quality in road data collection and analysis

Destia is the leading supplier of analysis, survey and quality control services relating to traffic route and traffic environment investments in Finland. Destia is able to carry out demanding analysis and survey projects successfully, thanks to its competent personnel, sophisticated equipment and broad cooperation network.

Our specialists are the most experienced in Finland in analysing road conditions and traffic. We have at our disposal a wide range of measuring equipment and test methods. Measurements and analysis are carried out in a standardised manner throughout the country.

Road condition surveys provide a reliable analysis of the current state and future needs of the road network. Condition surveys provide crucial initial data for allocating funds for improving roads and streets, planning improvements measures and maintaining surfacings.

The availability and usability of measurements and services

Planning (acquisition of source data)

  • Traffic surveys
    • Automatic traffic counts
    • Intersection counts
    • Non-motorised traffic counts
    • Traffic functionality audits
    • Destination surveys
  • Road profile measurements
  • Inventory of surfacing damage
  • Noise measurements


  • Roadside technology construction and maintenance
  • Surfacings sawing services


  • Road profile measurements (quality and condition measurements)
  • Surfacings sawing services


  • Inventory of equipment and machinery
  • Inventories of road signs
  • Inventories of lighting
  • Winter maintenance quality measurements
  • Gravel road inventories
  • Digital photography of the road network