Destia’s Infrastructure Maintenance provides a wealth of maintenance services. Its operation is based on the most reliable weather and road weather forecasts, highly experienced personnel, and sophisticated working methods and equipment.

Destia’s services cover the winter maintenance of traffic routes and the living environment, and the maintenance of gravel roads, bridges and the traffic environment in general.


Timeliness is important in ice-hockey but even more important in traffic. Through timely measures and the use of effective working methods, it is possible to ensure that traffic runs safely and smoothly 24 hours a day throughout the year.

At Infra Maintenance, timeliness is ensured by the road weather maintenance centre, which is run jointly by Destia and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The centre’s experienced meteorologists and experts specialising in winter road maintenance are at road users’ disposal 24 hours a day throughout winter. With the help of their solid practical experience in winter weather and winter road maintenance, correctly timed maintenance actions can be launched even before difficult conditions arise.


Destia offers long-term service agreements for the maintenance of traffic environments and traffic routes, which ensures consistent, proper traffic conditions in a cost-effective manner.

A package is customised together with the customer in area-wide maintenance contracts to address the customer’s needs and aims in the best possible manner.

Area-wide maintenance contracts

Destia is the leading company to maintain traffic routes and traffic areas in Finland. In area-wide projects, a customised package is agreed with the customer that will best address its needs and aims. The customer can contact an appointed representative at Destia anytime.

Area-wide road maintenance contracts

Area-wide maintenance contracts awarded by Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment consist of regionally limited projects in which the maintenance contractor is responsible for the year-round maintenance of the roads belonging to the area. The contracts are usually awarded for a period of 5–7 years. Maintenance work is performed in accordance with the quality criteria set by the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. As the provider of maintenance services, Destia is responsible for the implementation of 52 area-wide maintenance contracts.

To report traffic problems, road users can call the Road Users' Phone Service, tel. 0200 2100 (24h/day). The Road User’s Line is a channel for sending feedback about road conditions that require immediate action. A call to the Road User’s Line only costs a local or mobile call charge. The Road User’s Line 0200 2100 is the fastest, most reliable way of informing the right people about road conditions and traffic problems.

Area-wide street network maintenance contracts

With proper maintenance services, we create preconditions for safe, smooth traffic 24 hours a day throughout the year. In addition, city inhabitants feel more comfortable when streets are clean and traffic environments pleasant.

Area-wide industrial maintenance contracts

In area-wide industrial contracts, the requirements of safe traffic and round-the-clock fluency are emphasised. Even the slightest interruptions or accidents can cause major harm to personnel, the environment and the ability of the company to make a profit.

Winter maintenance of roads and streets

The purpose of winter maintenance is to ensure the safety and fluency of traffic at all times of the day. Keywords in winter maintenance are the anticipation of road weather conditions, selection of the right measures and their correct timing. Winter maintenance management centres monitor the development of weather and road weather conditions and call in maintenance vehicles if necessary. Anticipation prevents the worsening of road weather conditions and reduces the need for salting. The correct timing of tasks also improves the economic efficiency of the operation.

Destia offer its customers comprehensive winter maintenance services and is also responsible for their quality. It reports all completed tasks and the actual quality levels to the customer. In addition, it helps the customer promote interaction between road and street users.

Destia‘s qualified, experienced professionals are responsible for winter road maintenance. The work is done under supervisors together with independent work teams and local actors. The best results are obtained using a broad range of modern equipment and high quality materials.

Winter road maintenance service package:

  • winter maintenance management centre’s services and work supervision
  • removal of snow and slush
  • de-icing
  • levelling of packed snow
  • other work connected with the winter maintenance of traffic routes and areas

Winter maintenance management centre

The more accurately we can anticipate weather and road weather conditions, the better we can maintain proper traffic conditions and reduce the risk of accidents.

Destia’s maintenance services are supported by The Winter Maintenance Management Centre, which is run jointly by Destia and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The centre monitors weather and road weather conditions and calls in snowploughs or sanding or salting vehicles to the right road at the right time. Emergency requests can be transmitted directly to the drivers or the customer’s work supervisors as agreed. In addition, the winter maintenance management centre produces weather and road weather information that the customer can use over the Internet. Among other things, the centre can take care of night and weekend stand-by duties on behalf of the customer, where necessary.

The winter maintenance management centre provides emergency and weather services to municipalities and cities, real estate companies and other organisations that need information on weather/road weather conditions.

Maintenance of gravel roads

Most of the roads in Finland are gravel roads, the maintenance of which is one of Destia's most important roadkeeping tasks. It is important to the economy and private users that the service level of gravel roads is maintained.

Destia has sound expertise in gravel road maintenance. It ensures a high-quality end result by means of sophisticated methods and equipment and through its extensive knowledge of material properties. The quality of measures is monitored constantly and timely reports are issued to customers in order to keep them informed of the prevailing road conditions.

Destia’s gravel road maintenance and renovation services include:

  • total responsibility for maintaining gravel roads and gravelled village roads and areas
  • maintenance of road surface condition
  • preparation and levelling
  • dust binding
  • addition of wearing course material
  • maintenance during the frost damage period, levelling of frost heaves and removal of stone blocks

Maintenance of the traffic environment

The maintenance of traffic environments plays an important role in ensuring the safety of traffic routes and road environments and the fluency of traffic. In addition, clean traffic routes and a carefully finished landscape image make road use more pleasant. From the point of view of roadkeeping, the professional maintenance of structures and equipment also preserves the capital value of traffic routes.

Green areas are maintained according to area-specific quality levels and the needs for action required by valuable areas. Green area maintenance includes mowing, defoliation and planting of flowers in parks. Destia also offers a service for creating a consistent image for all radial roads and main roads in the municipality, for example.

Typical traffic environment maintenance tasks:

  • maintenance of green areas and sports areas
  • cleaning of roads/streets/areas
  • repair of surfacings and minor frost damage
  • maintenance of traffic signs and signposts
  • maintenance of drying systems and securing of their operation
  • maintenance of fixtures, structures and equipment (e.g. kerbs, railings, lighting, traffic lights)
  • waste management

Maintenance of bridges

Destia has special expertise in general, annual and special inspections connected with bridge maintenance. With the help of systematic maintenance, bridges will maintain their traffic safety and meet traffic requirements for years to come.

Destia’s bridge maintenance service package includes:

  • cleaning and maintenance
  • annual inspections
  • assessment of maintenance needs

Rehabilitation of private roads from planning to implementation

Destia implements dozens of private road improvement projects each year as a turnkey service, including damage inventory, planning, contracting, material deliveries, and also maintenance if necessary.

Skilled damage inventories and planning guarantee the best possible outcome and make it easier to apply for and obtain private road subsidies. Bearing capacity measurements are performed before planning in order to optimise the required measures and aggregate deliveries in terms of costs and quality.

We always use suitable, high-quality aggregate in all improvement projects. Destia has about 340 soil areas so it can deliver aggregates cost-effectively to all parts of Finland. To guarantee the quality of work and the long service life of roads, we use filter cloths, for example, in order to prevent new crushed aggregate from mixing with the existing subgrade. Thanks to its high order volumes, Destia can also deliver other materials, such as culverts, at a competitive price.

The Finnish State grants EUR 8 million of subsidies annually to the maintenance of private roads (2012-2014). The subsidies cover 60–75 % of the approved total costs of the improvement project, including value-added tax. Information on how to apply for private road subsidies can be obtained from Destia and Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, forestry centres and road managers, for example. Private road cooperatives can also call the Finnish Road Association’s telephone service, tel. 0200 34520 (EUR 0.92/min + local call charge), in matters concerning private roads. State subsidies can be applied for at local Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.