Electric vehicle charging

We build tomorrow’s infrastructure that offers more environmentally friendly solutions for mobility. Electric vehicle charging is an important part of electronic transport infrastructure which will become even more important as the number of electric vehicles increases. We offer extensive services for electric vehicle charging with our sense of infrastructure and broad expertise.

Services for charging electric vehicles

Service package which may include all or parts of Destia’s services is always customized according to customer needs.

We want to make the charging of electric vehicles as easy as possible for companies, professional transport and public sector. We offer both AC and DC charging equipment and the electrical infrastructure required for charging. Our service packages are always customized according to customer needs.

Considering maintenance and service of the equipment, we rely on our existing network covering the whole Finland. Therefore, we can offer efficient and high-quality maintenance throughout the year even for larger charging networks.

We offer systems as one-time investments, with leasing solutions or as a service. Solutions are always customized based on the customer’s needs. Ask more about our solutions from our contact persons.

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