Rock construction planning

In rock construction planning a suitable solution is sought for the circumstances in mining sites

Destia offers rock construction planning for mining sites. The rock opening is planned specifically for each site, taking into account the environmental conditions and the purpose of the opening. The environmental conditions include bedrock geology, rock stress, groundwater conditions and requirements set by the built environment. Each project usually begins with examinations to determine the location and quality of the rock. Our focus is on finding the right planning solutions for the right conditions.

Our rock construction planning services include:

  • mining, reinforcement and injection planning for underground sites
  • planning of open-pit mining sites
  • condition surveys and repair plans for rock openings
  • rock resource surveys/constructability surveys
  • reinforcement and compaction planning for open-pit mine walls
  • geological surveys and modelling
  • programming for environmental surveys
  • rock mechanical monitoring programmes
  • groundwater monitoring programmes
  • specialist supervision and consulting for rock construction projects