The 400 kV Metsälinja overhead transmission line brings clean energy to the national grid

​Fingrid’s new power line called Metsälinja will compensate for the diminishing electricity production in the heating plants of Southern Finland. The project will help keep prices throughout Finland uniform and allow for connecting clean energy to the existing national grid. We will carry out sections B and C of the 310 kilometre-long Metsälinja power line project between Saarijärvi and Haapajärvi in Central Finland.

We will dismantle the old 220 kV power line on a distance of about 100 kilometres. We will build a total of 134 kilometres of the new 400 kV power line. Building the new power line involves new foundations, towers, and conductors as well as the delivery and installation of materials. In addition, we will install an optic fibre connection integrated into the ground wire for the whole distance. Our section will be completed by Midsummer 2022.