Electric bus charging system enables electric public transport in Savonlinna

Electric vehicles are rapidly gaining ground in professional and public transport. To operate smoothly from one day to the next, e-mobility requires a sufficient number of reliable and efficient charging systems at key locations. In December 2022, we implemented an electric bus charging solution for Savonlinja bus company’s depot in Savonlinna.

In our turnkey project, we installed Kempower charging equipment in Savonlinna and delivered the necessary substation. In total, we implemented four 120 kW chargers and eight charging points.

Savonlinja is the local transport operator in Savonlinna between 2022 and 2029. The company’s electric buses began operating in 2023. In the future, there will be eight emission-free electric buses running in Savonlinna. The new charging system enables Savonlinja to efficiently charge its electric buses to full capacity during the night, so that they are ready to run again in the morning.