Risk Management


Destia’s risk management ensures that the company’s operations are in accordance with targets, profitable, efficient and based on good management practice. Risk management is part of the Group’s business management process. Risk management actions extend from Group level all the way to the business units and individual projects.

‘Risks’ means threats that jeopardise the achievement of Destia’s goals. In assessing risks, we also examine positive opportunities that affect the achievement of goals. Risks can be targeted at the achievement of strategic goals, annual or project targets or other objectives set for operations. Risks are also factors that threaten business continuity. Destia’s risks may concern not only financial matters but also personnel, stakeholder groups, reputation, the environment or other operating conditions for the company. The significance of risks is assessed based on their severity and probability.

Risk management is included as part of Destia’s strategy process. The risks connected with strategy implementation are identified and assessed as part of the strategy work. In project work, risks are factors that affect the achievement of project targets. Project targets are determined in connection with the preparation of a project tender, and are specified once Destia has been selected to carry out the work. The risks and measures for their management are specified when defining the project targets.