Management and Corporate Governance

Group's Administration and management

Destia Group Plc is a Finnish limited liability company, whose legal domicile is Vantaa. The company’s administration and management observe the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, the company’s Articles of Association and the valid Corporate Governance Code of the Securities Market Association applicable to Finnish listed companies.

The Corporate Governance 2016 of Destia Ltd (predecessor of Destia Group Plc) is published at

The Corporate Governance Code of Finnish listed companies can be found at

Deviation from the Corporate Governance Code recommendation

Destia deviates from the Corporate Governance Code recommendation with regard to the preparation of the propsal for the composition of the Board of Directors, the definition of principles concerning the diversity of the Board of Directors, invitation to the General Meeting, arrangement of the Meeting and its prescribed times as well as those participating therein due to the fact that Destia has only one shareholder.


Ahlström Capital agreed on 26 May 2014 to acquire Destia Ltd’s share capital from the State of Finland. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority has approved the deal, and the ownership of Destia Ltd transferred to Ahlström Capital on 1 July 2014.

Ahlström Capital is one of the leading family-owned private investors in Finland with strong industrial expertise, long entrepreneurial heritage as well as substantial financial resources. Ahlström Capital invests primarily in industrial companies as well as in commercial real estate. Read more on company's websites.